MacBook Pro not seeing Hegel H360

Hi, I can’t get my MacBook pro to see the DAC in my Hegel H360 technically minded I am afraid!

Doesn’t show up in sound settings in System Preferences or Audio MIDI Set-up.

Any ideas?

Hello @Pauline_Taylor,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. I have a few questions starting off:

  • How are you connecting the Hegel H360, are you using USB or Ethernet?
  • Is the DAC powered on and has the correct input selected?
  • Have you tried rebooting your Core yet?
  • Can you please try installing this driver (from the Hegel site) for it?

Please let me know if my above suggestions help resolve the issue.


Hi Noris,


The Hegel is connected to the MacBook by USB, powered up & on the right input. I have installed the driver you sent and it still does not see the Hegel DAC. The Roon core is on my MacBook and I have tried re-booting both.

I have tried both USB sockets on the Mac and different USB cables.

Check settings , sound see this menu wrong computer but do you have USB selected?

The Hegel does not appear in this list - that is the problem.

Hello @Pauline_Taylor,

Thanks for confirming that for me. Since it does not show up in Audio Midi setup either, I would go ahead and contact your Dealer or Hegel support directly regarding this issue to verify for any hardware-related possible causes:

 Phone: +47 22 60 56 60