Macbook remote: not possible to play to local outputs

I am using a Mac Mini core with a retina Macbook as one of its remotes. My problem it that it is not possible to play to the local outputs of the Macbook. In Audio Settings under “Connected to this Mac” the outputs of the core are listed instead of the local ones (see first image). Completely removing and reinstalling Roon from the Macbook does not solve the problem.

The second screenshot is from my Macbook Pro connected to the same core and shows how it should be - a list of local outputs followed by those of the core.


Can you check the local outputs on the MBP, are they configured as private?

Hi Carl, thanks for looking into this. The problem is with the Macbook, the local outputs can not be configured at all (local or otherwise) - see the first screenshot above. Instead of the local outputs, outputs of the Mac mini (the core) are shown under "connected to this Mac’