MacBook unexpected blackout

Dear Roon support,
Can you please help investigate an issue. I got my MacBook blackout dump issue with screen message to reboot. Never seen this on Mac - its like a bluescreen on Win. Panic report says that reason is a Roon threads. Setup is following: Roon Server and Roon Player on the same Mac -> via USB to external DAC (Sugden DAP 800). Can you please recommend something?


Moved this to support threads and someone will attend to you I due course.

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Hi @Valentin_Semenovsky,

Can you share a picture of what you’re seeing on the screen here?

Does a reboot return things to normal?

Hello Dylan,
No I don’t have a picture … as I said it’s like a blue screen on Win… I can share panic attack report or logs you may want to check. Reboot returns things to normal.

Hi @Valentin_Semenovsky,

Yes, would you please send the report as well as Roon logs via a shared Dropbox link?


Dylan, hello,

Please check the link. I’ve also include Mac Os panic attack report to roon logs.

Thanks, @Valentin_Semenovsky!

I’ll get this over to the team and let you know ASAP when I receive their feedback.

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