MacOS 10.15.4 and CPU 350% (Quad Core) machine

Macbook Pro 13.3 quad core. Since updating MacOs to 10.15.4 on release date 03/24 Roon runs at 350% and turns on all fans etc. This is only a remote, not the Core.

Pretty much means that I cant run Roon on Macbook at this point.

Anyone else seeing this with new MacOS ?

I have the MacBook Pro 13,3 but chose not to upgrade MacOS. I’m sticking with 10.14.6. Haven’t had the issue you describe.

Catalina is a crock of do do If you ask me. Sadly newer macs come with it and no choice. I’m holding off for ever if I can.

Support should be along looking to help soon

Haven’t had issues (yet) with 10.15.4 on my MBP.

On MacOS, Roon occasionally ends up eating more resources than it should but usually restarting the app (also using it just as a remote on the Macbook) gets rid of the problem = fan noise.

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Hi @Brett_Hedges1,

Is there any change in behavior if you try toggling your WiFi adapter on the Macbook off/on (even if you’re using Ethernet for it)?

Noris - Yes, thank you, that worked. So, if I reboot and have never had wifi on (ethernet only), Roon takes up 350%, once wifi has been toggled on off it behaves normally (negligible cycles) Small bug ? but easy fix, Thank You.

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Hi @Brett_Hedges1,

Glad to hear that toggling the WiFi resolves this behavior. We have an active investigation as to why this behavior occurs but in the meantime you can use this WiFi toggle procedure to get out of this state.

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