macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

Maybe Roon should take one of their developers/programmers off the task of fixing Roon and give them the assignment of responding to all the people who keep asking for an update.

What’s your point? I upgraded for other reasons that had nothing to do with Roon and are necessary for work I do. So whatever point you’re trying to make about me while ignoring the very salient points I made about this issue in general are… well, completely irrelevant.

I may be a Roon KB editor - but I don’t work for Roon Labs. I’m a customer, just like you. I also do volunteer work, some of which is helping out in editing the Roon Knowledge Base.

I’m not “blaming” anyone. Just pointing out that one has to be open to the possibility that people are deserving of trust. Glass half full or glass half empty - your choice of how you view the world and make your way within it.

Are they the same perspective?

In these case the word “apologists” seems to mean “reasonable people”.

Look, it’s hard to have a discussion with people that claim the sky is falling because the Roon Core does not run correctly on a new macOS release.

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Any updates? Anything? Hello?

There are not some issues. IT DOESNT work


I’ve paid for a 12 month licence and as a result of this problem with Catalina I want to cancel my membership. Will I get a refund for the unexpired portion of the licence?
Simple question requiring a simple answer.

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Paging @accounts for you.

In all seriousess what am I supposed to with this. I clicked on it in your email and access was denied.
A simple yes or no would suffice.

That isn’t an email to you, its flagging the accounts team at Roon to get you an official answer.

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Don’t know what their unofficial policy is, but that’s what we agreed to.

Ok thank you for that info Tim.

Nearly 3 weeks and nothing’s changed, and Roon have not responded to my question of yesterday so that’s it.
I’m cancelling my subscription with immediate effect and consigning the appto where it belongs in the bin.


Followed up with you via email, @Stephen_Farndale1. Thanks!

Since this appears to be a longterm problem, at least longer than I care to not have access to my music library, any recommendations on similar services that work with Catalina?

My music library is considerable in size, so moving to internal drive isn’t an option.

I continue to be without Roon and getting the message “Error Loading Folder Unauthorized”. However there have been other non-Roon problems as I can’t get the Sonos app I use to load the library either and the “new” Music app in Catalina OS caused a lot of artwork issues.

Then please tell me how I can access my Music Library. I am pointing it on a file path that follows the same path as Music (iTunes). Why can’t I access my files?

Downgrade to Mojave.


Both Audirvana and JRiver work just fine with Catalina. They are good programs for large libraries.

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