MacOS Client can't find Roon server

Roon Server Machine

DS 7.2.1-69057
Machine: DS920+, Intel Celeron J4125, 8192Mb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

pfsense on Netgate 1100, Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Atom, Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

circa 10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I start the MacOs Roon App on my Macbook 14 pro it is unable to find the Roon Core on my LAN (On Synology server as above). I have Roon on both my iPad and iPhone both of which can find and work with the server perfectly. I have had this setup for a couple of years and never had a problem with a Mac before. I can ping the synology server from the mac and also access the synology web interface.
The Macbook is new as is the pfsense (replaced a previous model recently) so I’m not sure which hardware change is responsible.
Looking at the Mac Console when I start the Roon App I am getting multiple security errors -25294, this suggests some sort of keychain access problem.

Interestingly if I stop and start the roon service using the Synology package centre the Max client momentarily discovers the server but never enables the connect button:

Where is pfsense located? Do you have firewall exception rules set for Roon, Roon Server, and Roon Appliance on the firewall?

Pfsense is connected to my LAN which it provides the DHCP and DNS for. The pfsense ip is, The Mac is on 192,168.0.9 and Synology NAS (where the roon server is hosted) is Ping works happily between them all, and my iOS devices on the same LAN connect to Roon fine. AFAIK LAN to lAN traffic doesn’t go through the firewall on Pfsense so I have no rules set.
I do have a rule set up to open up UDP and TCP ports on my LAN for Roon ARC

Thanks, that helps. Is the Mac’s firewall active, and are there exceptions for at least Roon active on it (for a Mac Remote I am not sure if RAAT Server and Roon Appliance exceptions are needed)?

This, and the fact that @David_Jehring appears to be running an early access build on his RoonOnNAS system…not sure if that could be part of the problem.

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I have it working now, turning on the wi-fi network adapter on my Mac fixed the problem. I was using a wired ethernet connection before. Quite why is a bit of a mystery as there are no firewall differences between the two. Any thoughts welcome as finding the connection presumably requires some sort of multicast from the server that the client picks up, is there any documentation of this ?

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