MacOS Sonoma - Playback just stops

I have the same problem on MacOS Sonoma. Playback just stops and I have to reboot my machine to get tracks to play again.

I have a really uncomplicated setup. It’s just a Mac mini, with Qobuz and a few local albums outputted to a Schiit Modi/Magni stack.

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Roon Server Machine

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Roon Server Machine
M1 Mac Mini, MacOS Sonoma 14.2, 8 GB RAM

Netgear Orbi mesh, wifi, no antivirus, standard MacOS firewall

Connected Audio Devices
USB to Modi, RCA to Magni, RCA to Kanto YU4 speakers

2,423 tracks

Description of Issue
Playback will stop after pausing a track or switching songs. When trying to play songs, the scrubber just stays at 0:00 and the song doesn’t play. Restarting the software doesn’t have any effect. Only rebooting the machine resolves the issue.

Is the Server hardwired to your router, roon strongly advise it should be hardwired. If you’re currently connecting server/router via wifi can you temporarily connect with ethernet to prove the problem?

Also, Roon can get “upset” with mesh wifi if the controlling devices (tablets/phones) are constantly switching between nodes.

Thanks, I will try the hardwired thing. I had read that admonition, but it’s hard to believe that is the issue, since networking doesn’t really seem to come into the picture here. Worth a try for troubleshooting, though I have to unplug my Vonage modem to it.

Hi @Robert_Rackley,

Thank you for your post.

We have a few questions to help illuminate what’s happening here:

First off, are you able to reproduce this on Zones other than the USB output to the Schitt? Does it occur with the System Output in particular? We want to isolate whether Apple CoreAudio/CoreUSB are getting touchy with Roon, or whether the issue is specific to the chain set up with the Schitt Zone.

Secondly, does this occur with all file types, sample rates, bit depths, etc? Does it occur with DSP disabled? What about Qobuz/TIDAL vs local files?

Packet loss or unreliable DNS in the upstream connection can toxify an audio ecosystem and weaken Roon’s otherwise flexible protocols. Even with local library playback, Roon requires an internet connection for backend processes like audio analysis, Roon Radio, or getting the time of day.

Please let us know if the hardwire test improves behavior - we’ll proceed from there with additional troubleshooting. Thank you!

Thanks for the advice. I haven’t been able to listen a lot, but it seems the ethernet thing may have solved the issue where playback stops until you reboot. However, I still have another, similar issue. I’m not sure if I need a separate post.

On my iOS devices, the interface locks up when I use the Roon Remote. I’ll start something playing without problems. Then, if I go back to the app, it’s frozen on a previous song that was playing. I have to swipe up to close the app and reopen it. This happens almost every time I use the app, on my iPad and my iPhone. Any ideas on that one?


Hi @Robert_Rackley,

My apologies for the delay - we’re glad to hear the original issue has improved in the meantime with a hardwired connection.

To investigate the iOS freeze, we can activate diagnostic mode on your RoonServer instance to capture logs that RoonServer sends automatically to our server.

If you’re not seeing any popup errors in Roon Remote in iOS that indicate a poor or lost connection to your RoonServer, then a possible culprit here would be a build mismatch between Roon Remote and RoonServer.

I’d double-check that you have the latest version of Roon Remote running on each iOS device. We’ll proceed from there. Thanks!

Hey Connor, I’m up-to-date on the versions of Roon Server and Roon Remote. You are correct that I’m not getting any error messages. just freezing.



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Hi @Robert_Rackley,

We’ve investigated the most recently available diagnostics and identified a few patterns in available logs that help narrow down the problem:

  1. There are timeouts in the upstream connection to Qobuz, causing the pre-buffer to occasionally fail. Roon is quite resilient and we couldn’t see direct evidence of playback failure due to these timeouts, but their presence indicates that packet loss is accumulated in the upstream connection somewhere.
  2. RoonServer is failing to connect to Roon Remotes over WiFi due to poor network reachability - there are periodic dropouts and RoonServer is forced to reconnect to the Remote. This is what you described in post #8 above, undoubtedly.
  3. Lastly, the RoonServer instance on the Mac Mini is reporting multiple adjacent IP addresses. Do you have this machine connected via both WiFi and ethernet to the router?
  4. RAATServer is logging sample dropouts when playing to the Modi endpoint over USB. Eventually, these accumulate enough to break playback and RAATServer tears down the stream. This is likely a manifestation of issue #1 above, so we want to troubleshoot the mesh network and upstream connection first.

The most efficient angle to troubleshoot the above is to remove variables and build back one at a time, beginning with the ethernet connection itself. Try disabling WiFi on the Mac Mini and relying solely on the hardwire connection, then test playback with both local files and Qobuz to the system output or a USB device.

I’d also check if the router is using ISP-supplied DNS servers or known reliable servers such as Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

Lastly, just for due diligence, can you still see the Modi endpoint in your MacOS audio settings when it drops out of Roon? Is it still a visible Zone?

Thanks Connor. I can’t believe I forgot to turn WiFi off when I wired up. Fixed that. I’ll see how it goes and report back.