MacOS Title Bar Dark Mode For All Roon versions

Sorry, everyone, I did not realize people had this question for awhile and I knew about this years ago :grimacing:. Sorry for the digression but I will be writing a post soon about how to use Roon offline anywhere in the world (including on an airplane) if you all are interested (I figured it out).

To do what I did below:

  1. Go to the terminal on macOS
  2. Paste | defaults write com.roon.Roon NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance 0 | and hit the return key.
  3. Reboot Roon and enjoy!
  4. Notice: To revert back to original settings, paste | defaults write com.roon.Roon NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance 1 |

Warning: Until Roon fixes the issue, the search bar as highlighted above turns gray while in Title Bar Dark Mode (I do not mind it personally at all). You can look closely and still read the text you are typing.

Any questions feel free to reply to this thread. I am currently seeing if I can figure out the solution to the search bar myself.


I have a quick fix, when typing something out, place two fingers on the trackpad gently without clicking down / applying pressure and the black box should go away so you can see if you typed it out correctly.



Thank you, that’s brilliant! This is a feature I’ve wanted for years, and I’m more than happy to live with the inconvenience of a dark search box. That said, if you do find a solution, please let us know :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am very interested in offline use (airplanes etc). Please drop a message when you are ready.


Sorry everyone, I haven’t worked on that particular post because I have been caught between the wild storm in Texas and I just got power.

@Techethan I am sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope that you are safe and have managed to get settled somewhere. I hope you are ok and doing well. I just wanted to see if anyone else has worked on this or tried anything to get the dark mode title bar without changing the search box, of if anyone has figured out how to get the search box test to appear. Does it just need to be changed to a light color?
Looking on apple developers forums there are a few different ways people have accomplished a dark title bar when building their own apps and it is like 2-3 lines of code that need to be changed or inserted into the info.plist file. In other cases, people are changing the title bar color for apps that have a white one and it is also finding and editing a few lines. I have seen mentions of also just making the title bar “disappear” so that it just blends with the window color. I have tried a lot of suggestions I have seen but with no success (used a different computer so I didn’t kill Roon on my main setup). So far I have had no success but I am thinking at least one of the numerous programmers on this forum knows how to do it, no? Or maybe it is much harder than I am thinking it is which is why it has not been done yet by anyone except @Techethan . It has been over a year since this was first requested to the Roon team, but no change and I am getting a bit tired of waiting. I will keep messing around but if anyone has any ideas please mention them. Thanks!


I am sorry as I just saw this message while digging through my past threads, as of this moment there is not much of a fix for this because of the way the search bar entry background color is somehow localized with the appearance of the title bar. However, I will keep searching/testing when I have more free time. The way Roon was built, it was not meant to support native light/dark mode on a Mac computer since it is mostly a windows centralized application. If Roon can add support for dark mode on a mac, then it should completely fix the title bar and search bar because you won’t have to circumvent the application window coloring with the AquaSystemAppearance .plist line. Also, to this date, I have been using the search bar in the Aqua dark mode because with the new search bar algorithm (when they fix the current 806 issues at hand), even if I misspell something it should come up, so everything is great.

Perhaps Roon can get rid of the title bar all together, as its really not very comfortable in a dark listening room to be blinded by a pointless bright white window title bar.

Please Roon, do something with this glaring white title bar in dark mode!!! Darken it, or remove it!


Long time Roon user here.
Considering the price tag they put on this piece of software it is simply ridiculous that they haven’t removed the title bar yet.
It isn’t that big of an effort from the stand point of a software dev.