MacOS - USB devices randomly drop

Roon Rock NUC
Intel i5
Version 1.0 (build 254) production
Roon server: Version 2.0 (build 1182) production

I run Roon 2 ways: The first is hard wired Roon > Allo Bridge > front room stereo. No issues here.

The second, most common way I use Roon is to stream wirelessly to my Mac and listen using a USB DAC/amp. For whatever reason, both DROP RANDOMLY, requiring me to restart my computer for Roon to recognize again. Here are the technical details:

Apply MacBook Pro M1
macOS Ventura 13.x

USB output to:
ifi Zen DAC v2
AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

Here are the steps that lead to a failure:

  1. Plug DAC/headphones into computer and start listening to Roon.
  2. Music plays normally (macOS Roon app) - doesn’t die mid-song, etc.
  3. Stop Roon for meeting/work/Zoom, etc
  4. And/or unplug DAC/headphones and take computer away
  5. Both scenarios can lead to Roon prompting to “Select an audio zone” upon return
  6. Going to the audio tab under settings, “This Mac” no longer shows any connected USB devices, only CoreAudio.
  7. Restarting Roon doesn’t help
  8. Restarting Mac usually fixes the issue.
  9. ifi sometimes still won’t detect after restart

I’m pretty sure the issue is not:

  1. Wifi - still working per usual
  2. Firewall - could be, but doubt it
  3. USB - changing ports doesn’t matter and work otherwise

Even if there isn’t a true “fix” restarting a process or something would be better than a reboot!



Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

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This is likely your jam. You don’t have to sudo or get fancy, but it’s the idea.

Sorry that was a little cryptic. You just need to kill -9 coreaudiod, or force quit that process within the activity monitor. I’ve read stories online of it never coming back for some users, but it’s always respawned for me.

For me, I find that it gets in a bad state most frequently when I dock and undock from displaylink but… either way, that just does the trick. Good luck!


Hey @Michael_Beveridge,

Thanks for your patience while we work through each thread. Following up here, were you able to get things sorted out with your devices dropping out?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

No. The iFi Zen DAC v2 is still dropping. I’ve contacted iFi as well. Given that this is the only endpoint I’m struggling with, I may explore a hardware solution, including a powered thunderbolt 4 hub. We’ll see…

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I have the same issue with my Ifi DAC on my Mac Mini M1. In my case it appears when I go back and- forth between Roon and Youtube. After a while the DAC dissapears from Roon. I´m not a skille IT guy so a Sudo… command seems a bit scary to me.

Hope Roon can find a solution to this. Would be helpful :slight_smile:

I had that issue too, but it’s different from the one I’m describing. Basically, if I disconnect the usb from my MacBook to the DAC, then reconnect the USB, roon no longer sees the iFi. Since I’m constantly disconnecting, moving around, etc, the easy fix for me is to unplug and replug the dc power on the back of the DAC. Then when I return and set up again, everything is cool with roon. An easy visual tip is if you disconnect the DAC from the computer and the colored ring around the volume is still illuminated, power cycle the DAC. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Michael_Beveridge,

Thanks for letting me know! If you could please take note of the date and time the next time your iFi drops, and share that info here, that would be helpful :pray:

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