Magna Hifi Mano Streamer

Thread to discuss the Magna Hifi Mano, recently favourably reviewed by Hans Beekhuyzen.

The Mano is a Pi 2B with a linear power supply, 2 femto oscillators (44.1 and 48 kHz families) and SPDIF and I2S outputs. The I2S is PS Audio, Audio-GB and Holo Audio compatible.

Supported resolutions up to 192 kHz, 24bit (PCM SPDIF); 384 kHz, 32 bit (PCM I2S) and DSD 256 (DoP).

It can be ordered with a RoonBridge image. No mention of HQP NAA support.

I’ve not heard it but the Ethernet/I2S capability is interesting. Although expensive for a Pi, it’s low compared to other Ethernet/I2S solutions.

The hardware would seem capable of supporting native DSD 512, but that isn’t implemented in the current software. Opening the case voids the warranty and the Pi miniSD slot is not externally exposed; so Tinkerers heading in that direction are on their own.

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If they are on their own, it depends. The company is very good to talk to.
I have ordered one with Picore software, but get a card with Roon Bridge with it in the box, so I can try it out.

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I would be interested in your impressions Kim and possibly some other Spring owners; @joel and @MusicEar.

I would expect that with the right “soundcard” driver definition DietPi/RoonBridge could do Ethernet to l2s native DSD 512 on this hardware, but I don’t know who might best make that happen.

I own the Mano and its no problem to exchange SD cards, it won’t void warranty.
This is no problem and I can tel you the Mano sounds great, best I ever had. The I2S is better than the SPDIF in my setup but if yo don’t have I2S you will not regret when using SDPIF.

I did not get the Roon software with my Mano after all, and has been using the Picoreplayer. It works fine, but it took some hours for me before it was running. If you have tried both - what is your experience? Is the Roon software better?
I have only used the Mano with Roon since I got it even I installed the iPeng software on my phone as well.
I use SPDIF, bui hope to get a new DAC later for my stereo with I2S input. (however after a DAC/HPA upgrade for my PC).

Hi Kim, just ask Magna Hifi , they have a Roon image ready for you. Replace with current SD card and done. Both Picoreplayer / Roon are fine, there is no difference in my view (soundwise)

Hi Gerard,
Thanks for the response. If quality is the same, I better say - “if it is not broken, don fix it”. I will stay with the picore player