Magnetar UDP900 en UDP800, Roon Ready?

Recently I became the happy owner of a Magnetar UDP900. What a great picture and sound (similar to the Oppo UDP205 from a few years ago).

Does anyone know if there are any developments to get this Magnetar and its little brother the UDP800, Roon certified?

Hi @MMG_Schlosser,
Roon never comment, it’s their policy.
Thus I suggest reaching out Magnetar, they may not either but you might get lucky.

I’d not heard of that brand until now. Did a quick read online and found references to it being a replacement for the discontinued OPPO player brand.

Sounds like a winner in the class it represents. I hope it does become Roon Ready.

Thanks for your comments. Matter of being patient. It would be a shame if such a quality player, ended up not being Roon Ready.

Absolutely, I hope Magnetar also view it this way.

I wouldn’t expect, that the Magnetar will become Roon ready.
It’s at first an UHD disc player, with some troubles in the firmware and not a real streamer.
I know, that a lot of people are using their blu-ray players as streamers (I’ve also two oppos and two cambridge audio players), but for video or audio streaming I’m preferring in every case dedicated streamers (dune, zidoo,…)…

After the Zappiti debacle I would be reluctant to put all my eggs in the same basket with a streamer only eco system . The UDP900 has an Ethernet-only setup which , in my case, has performed admirably when playing Dvd/BD/UHD isos from Dune or Zappiti and plays music files from storage easily too.