Major Connection Problem

Roon Core - HP Computer with Windows 10 in bedroom.
Streamer Naim Uniti Atom - in room downstairs.
WIFI - Complete WIFI from BT
Qobuz and Tidal Accounts
Sonos Speakers - 2 No. Play 5’s, 3 No. Play 1’s.
Controller - Samsung S9.

I have great difficulty every time I want to stream using Roon via my Naim Atom.
It never connects immediately usually takes over 10 minutes and sometimes never finds the core.

I am due to renew my subscription but unless my connection problems are sorted I cannot.



Sounds like a network issue. Can you move the devices temporarily and plug them into the router to test wired connections.

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Hi @Stephen_Gay,

I would also suggest temporarily connecting via Ethernet in case this is a WiFi issue. After trying Ethernet, can you check to see if the Uniti Atom shows up under Roon Settings -> Audio?

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