Major FU after installing latest release - won't load DB, No audio devices, won't load backups!

installed the latest and greatest version today and now it seems Roon bricked itself…
won’t load database - so tried a new install. says my drives may be disconnected - they’re not.
no audio devices displayed, won’t load a back up and fails…
What the hell is going on?
help please - sick of these constant battles with the software…
5300albums - all curated and stored locally to win server 2012 machine running Roonserver

can’t even play qobuz as I seem to now have lost all audio devices - nothing to add…

Many of us are in the same boat together! We went from fully working Roon setups to “corrupt” databases post-upgrade to Build 880. I think the Roon folks are working on it (hopefully).

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thanks for the reply - it’s a poor effort -
there I go - happily working from home listening to some Christmas Jingles and now it’s stuffed!
Zero, nada, finito, bonked, and broken!!!

is there an install to roll back versions?

I have snapshots backups of the Mac mini that I run Roon on as a server. I tried to surgically roll back to the previous build (831?) without success. I got my library working again, however Roon could no longer find any of my streaming endpoints–which ultimately mean that I was differently but equivalently borked.

Oh my, we are so sorry for the delay in our reply, @Dean_Mullin. Please accept our sincerest apologies!

After your post was made, we released version 1.8 Build 884 to help with some of the issues you were experiencing. Were you able to install this update just yet and if so, are you still experiencing the same issues or is Roon back up and running for you?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing back!

Thank you but i resolved it with the update and help from the community. May i stress how disconcerting it is to have this system fail like it did with the update release and the damage, even yemporary damage it can do to one’s music library.
I hope you can learn from your software releases

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Thanks for letting us know it was resolved, Dean. I appreciate it.

We can’t apologize enough for the trouble you experienced. We take these issues very seriously and are so thankful for individuals like yourself, who let us know how we can do better in the future.

All good ashley… Take :heart: care

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