“Make Primary” grayed out. Even though both versions are in my library…

Roon Core Machine

MacMini 2018 - i7, 16 GB, SSD with music on external HD. MacOS Monterey.
Roon build 882 (latest now)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All hardwired, 1 switch (Netgear TPP728)

Connected Audio Devices

Matrix Audio Element X
Control via various iPads

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 200k

Description of Issue

Since recently the “Make Primary” is grayed out, so I cannot choose anymore. Even when both versions are in my library.

You need to click group all and then you can set the primary copy.

This however sounds like a new “feature” that actually isn’t one…
Let me try!

They did change this a couple of builds ago, it used to automatically group them.

Assuming its because somw people don’t want them to be grouped (live albums would be the same album but you dont want them grouped).

This has nothing to do with “Live”. They are just not duplicates of each other (5 tracks versus 8 tracks) and the “Make Primary” feature is meant for a group of duplicates.


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