Make scanning of attached network drive on startup an option

I have had so many difficulties with the scanning of network attached drives (starting with Roon1.1 and culminating with 1.3 release 274) that I am certain this setting needs to be an option. Right now, I have the choice of not accessing the music on the NAS or listening to music. I consider this a critical feature. I will be happy to force a rescan whenever I want to do so.

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Would be nice indeed if scanning on startup is an option. Do not have problems, but Roon is only running when I’m listening to my music. After that the Nuc is turned of. There are weeks i don’t import anything new, but everytime I start up yhe complete library is scanned again (100.000 tracks). Totally unneccacary. Let me only scan when i want it to scan!
ps. My music is on a NAS

I vote for this option as well. As well Roon tries to do some live monitoring of network folders according to the storage location status, I’d prefer if that was an option as well. Or at least it does when the core is on MacOS.

Me too. See below -

Seems Roon already does this.