Making a ScreenShot of a Roon Chromecast

I am using Mac remote, and wish to send Roon a Screenshot of one of my Roon Chromecasts. But I cannot find the correct process to capture said screenshot, since it is not on my Mac but on my TV. Anyone know how to do this?

Many thanks.

Im not sure you can take a screen shot of a Chromecast disaply, short of using a camera a taking a picture of the TV.

Perhaps you could set up a Roon Display on your Mac in the browser and grab screen shot of that running fullscreen in the browser tab?

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You might take a picture with your phone.

Thanks guys. As for the Roon Display, the only content shown is the Roon logo.

So a camera it will be I suppose. Thx.

That usually means that you haven’t coupled the display to a zone…

Click on the speaker icon of your Zone to bring up the sub-menu. Click the Display icon and choose the Web Display to couple it to the Zone.


Yeah! Missed that last step. Many thanks!

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