Making Roon ARC work on EERO via ATT modem

Happy ROON user for a couple of years. I use it off my Mac Book Pro into a Naim SuperNait3 with a Chord Hugo TT2 DAC upstairs. I also stream the MBP into a Naim ND555 downstairs. I have a giant hard drive of ripped vinyl which is just not out there on Quobuz. This works well and sounds great at my house.

I have not been able to get the router for my ATT internet to do a port forward on my EERO network. We logged into the router but did not see a facility for port forwarding. The router just would not have that option anywhere. My brother is a networking guru and he was stumped. This is keeping me out of the ARC world.

If you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


What is the make and model of your AT&T router?

Welcome to the Roon community, @Skip_Clemmons.

Please share the diagnostic message found under Settings > Roon ARC. Thanks.


It is an ATT. It says BGW210-700 dated 10/05/2018.

Does this link from AT&T help on configuring port forwarding on the BGW210?

You will need to create a port forwarding rule on the BGW210 pointing to the IP address of the eero router using the port number for Roon ARC shown under you Roon Settings -? Roon ARC tab. Then create a port forwarding rule on the eero pointing to the IP addresss of your Roon Core MBPro laptop, again using the same port number for Roon ARC as shown in Roon.

I have an older AT&T gateway and an ASUS router and was able to get Roon ARC configured with these port forwarding rules.

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Thanks for the reply.

I could only port forward on the ATT modem to the MB Pro which was Ethernet connected to it. I believe it was port 50000. The EERO was also connected but it did not give that as an option. ATT modem will not allow you to enter an IP address. It simply pulls up what it sees as connected via Ethernet I guess.

@Skip_Clemmons, can you provide some more information about your home network configuration? I am not sure what you mean by the MBPro was connected by Ethernet cable to the ATT gateway, and how is the eero router system connected? Typically for this two-router network, the eero system would connect directly to the ATT gateway and then all devices (switch, MBPro, all other network devices) would be connected to the eero mesh network.


We have the ATT router connected to the Eero Pro base station, and an Eero Beacon satellite upstairs to cover that area. Upstairs we have a Western Digital MyCloud connected to the Eero Pro device to back up our computers.

Then we have an Eero Pro base station downstairs, with an Eero Beacon satellite to cover downstairs. The Eero Pro base station downstairs is wired to big wireless NAS hard drive of ripped vinyl and also wired to a Naim streamer.

We had connected the MB Pro to the ATT router only to adjust the router settings. Everything runs wirelessly using this Eero network. We get 370 Mbps up and down.

We use the Mac Book Pro as the Roon base station.

Thanks @Skip_Clemmons, just a few more questions. How are your eero base stations configured, do they work as a single network with one of your eero base stations configured in bridge mode or both configured as routers? Can you post a screenshot of all the devices connected to your network?

Can you provide more details on what you mean by this:

We had used the MB Pro to log into the router directly using an ethernet cable and adapter. We had turned off the wifi to manipulate the router settings by the cable.

Can you provide a list that shows the IP addresses of each device? I am still confused by needing to configure the router by Ethernet cable rather than from WiFi. I am asking about the ocnnected devices’ IP addresses to see if there are multiple networks being created on the eero network(s).


Will check. I appreciate your interest and effort. My brother helped me set this up and thought he had shut down the multiple networks. They had been an issue but not lately. We will make a point of looking and letting you know. It will be later this week.

Thanks again.


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After working with my brother the network expert, I have the Roon ready to connect to Arc according to the Roon Arc settings. “Roon Arc can securely access your Roon Core” No error signal on my MacBook Pro.

When I open Roon Arc I get a “Poor Connection. Try Again.” message I can see the contents of my hard drive but Roon Arc can’t play it. Not sure how to fix this issue.

I understand, I have AT&T for my mobile account and they place a VPN on my connection. I have yet to understand if that affects me also, even when I disable the AT&T VPN I tend to receive the poor connection notification in ARC.

Is there anywhere else in your neighborhood or town that shows a strong mobile signal where you can test ARC?

I will check tomorrow.

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Hi @Skip_Clemmons,

Reopening this thread after your post history indicated ARC was still unreliable after setting up port forwarding.

Are you seeing any new diagnostics in Roon → Settings → ARC with the most recent Roon and ARC build, or does Roon still conclude port forwarding has been successfully configured?

If ARC can reach the Core via WiFi to sync, but is unable to reach local content for playback when on cellular data, then the issue is possibly a) AT&T implementing some filtering or b) there’s an issue accessing the storage drive on your local network.

It would help us to investigate diagnostics from the Core directly. At your convenience, can you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

Thank you!