Malware/trojan (malwarebytes)

Does anyone get something like this?


Not seen it but the IP address and domain lookup both seem to belong to these guys RETN

This is happening only when I open the roon desktop application (Windows 10) so how/why roon goes in that direction? (a question more for the support team I guess).

maybe some external DNS issue…are you using cloud flare or google or ?

FWIW I use Windows Defender and see nothing like this , I restart Roon daily at this time of year

False positive.

This intrigues me. I never restart Roon; should I? Why do you restart Roon daily and how is this influenced by the time of year?

Johannesburg is the lightening capital of the world (well it claims)

In summer most days we get a big storm in the afternoon. 3 years ago I lost a video streamer, audio streamer, amp, router … when my neighbors palm tree took a direct hit . Lightening flashed from the tree to a copper phone wire and hence my ADSL line the whole lot went bang quite literally . All the kit was isolated from the mains but the ADSL was connected

For eg Yesterday was 34 C then at 3pm it started and lasted 3 hours !!

We now have fiber underground so hopefully isolated so we jus disconnect the mains . We have 2 UPS so we keep going but power down as we go to bed

Quite a problem , winters fine :joy:

Sooner or later this you’ll notice as the main server process leaks memory. I tend to reboot my NUC when the UI feels sluggish. It takes a while before the process chomps its way through 16GB but it gets there eventually.

Just ouch, I’ve only known anything like this once, on a single street, in 45 years of UK life…

Blimey! I’ll stop grumbling about a bit of insignificant drizzle in Lincolnshire :laughing:

Ok that’s good to know, thanks :pray:

I’m used to the rain, I was born in Hyde in Cheshire :nerd_face:

You nearly get used to the storms they are over and done in 30 mins normally then back to bright blue skies and steaming streets . 34 C is a bit abnormal in JHB but common in many areas of the country. Air Con is useful.

The storms are can be fairly vicious and often hail stones. I remember being in a tin roofed factory in a storm , what a din !!

On holiday a few years ago we got caught in a hail storm that zapped both the car and the caravan (another big insurance claim) , it was weird in 30+ degrees of heat seeing what looked like a snow drift of hail stones they had to use a road digger scoop thing to clear the roads. The pile took days to melt even in those temperatures.

Africa isn’t for Cissies :sunglasses:


Looks like. It is not the first time when is happening, just a different address. The computer is clean and the alert disappeared after restarting the computer…

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