Manage Audio Device - Local Audio Devices Not Recognized

After using Roon on my laptop successfully for many years, I ran into issue yesterday with Roon’s recognition of audio devices. I never experienced this issue before. Starting yesterday and continuing today, Roon will not recognize the audio driver on my laptop (RealTek High Definition Audio Driver) nor will it recognize the Audioquest Dragonfly driver after I plug in the Dragonfly. When I open Roon on my laptop and run Roon as Core on my laptop, Roon no longer recognizes audio devices on my laptop. It fails to recognize Realtek. It also fails to recognize Audioqust Dragonfly.

I’m running Windows 10, 64 bit on a Toshiba laptop that has been my one and only computer for the past 2.5 years.

This Roon issue persists after multiple reboots of my laptop and after opening and closing the program several times.

Per the following Roon support thread, I tried to delete the RAATServer folder but had no luck. When I open Roon, the RAATServer folder is automatically reappears, and Windows will not allow me to delete it because the folder is ‘in use’ while the Roon program is open. Reference thread: Roon Won’t Enable Audio for Devices Connected to My PC

My Background with Roon: I’ve used Roon for many years - both on my laptop (sometimes as a remote; sometimes as Core) and music server (sonicTransporter). Until yesterday, Roon has always recognized my Realtek driver and my Audioquest Dragonfly driver. Also, I did not make any changes to my PC myself - although there may have been an auto-update change. Lastly, I have two Roon accounts and have been switching back and forth between the two on this PC. Perhaps, this action triggered this issue.

Thanks for your attention and help! -Mark

The first thing I would do is check

  1. Firewall and Anti-virus to make sure they are set to let Roon through. Test first by turning them all off and seeing if Roon now sees the audio devices. If so, then re-configure Firewall and Anti-virus to allow RoonServer and RAAT.
  2. Next, I would check to see if there was a Windows update. If so, try rolling the update back and see if that resolves the situation. For me, the latest Windows 1803 update messed things up in the audio department on a couple of endpoints using USB.