Managed to get Roon so it won't accept connections from some IP addresses

OK so Roon was working fine for several days just fine. Using a server PC attached to DAC, great. But I was having problems with my iPad, it was disconnecting far too often, causing roon remote to go blank screen.

So in messing around trying to reset iPad, etc, I managed to get Roon so it won’t accept connections for the IP that the iPad was on -

If I go to another PC, set the IP to that address it also doesn’t work. It simply can’t see the server. One clue is if you leave the remote end running (say on the iPad) and start the main server, it does briefly see it, and you see “Connecting” and then “connection failed”, this repeats a few times.

I’m a network engineer and programmer, so i’ve not done anything really silly. I’ve rebooted and reset every device/router etc several times and the problem persists. Turned off the firewall. So I guess somewhere in Roon it thinks it still has a session? Or something. Any ideas? Even when I renamed the program folder and ran a new install it still had the problem…

I wouldnt suggest this to normal people, but since you are a network engineer and programmer, can you whip up a tcpdump (or windump) on your Roon Core machine and see if the pkts are getting to Roon?

The discovery pkts are on UDP port 9003.

If they are, you can run Roon with the -soodtrace and you will get way too much information about the discovery process in the logs.