Managing expectations - the smallprint on product roadmap comments

Agreed, Thank you @mike for the release notes for build 94. Roon is closer to becoming the product announced at launch as Roonspeakers is on the horizon.

After that occurs, I would slow down on the “roadmap” announcements. We don’t need that.

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I personally LOVE roadmaps. But you guys set the highest standard I’ve ever seen for communicating with your user community. So we ARE informed. You tell us what’s up. Or a LOT of it anyway. :wink:

I’m afraid that publishing a roadmap would be handing people rope that some of them will try to hang you with. Plus, it tells your competition exactly what you are up to. So honestly, as long as you’re going to keep communicating with us, I see no advantage to a formal, published roadmap. Only problems.

We were already hung talking about RoonSpeakers and continue to be. We should have never given that original date or even mentioned it. It causes us grief every day. :frowning:

If it’s any consolation @danny, it was just the notion that you were working on such things that got me even more excited about Roon as an application, and was one of the features that solidified my Roon purchase decision - even though the feature didn’t yet exist.

So I guess it’s a fine line, but personally I think having a hint of things to come is a good thing. People are always impatient, myself included, but you guys do cool stuff so sharing snippets where you can is great. :smile:

I wouldn’t worry about RoonXXXXXXX (speakers), from the reactions to the RoonReady devices ‘just working’ it sounds like you made sure you got the tech right rather than rush, which for something critical like that was undoubtedly the best move.


I agree. Considering the number of endpoints that just work, and how many options and system combinations that provides customers, I’m consistently surprised how many users are still focused on this issue. To each their own, but it doesn’t add up for me.

I’m not quite sure, but I think my old post might have been mis-quoted here?

I was merely adding kind words at a time when Roon Bridge and RAAT (then called RoonSpeakers) had been delayed - I was just grateful to know it was coming.

I might have missed it, but I’m not quite sure what doesn’t add up?

Sorry to confuse the issue. I meant that as Roon development and the ecosystem of available Roon endpoints currently stands, there are lots of available deployment options. So I’m surprised at the number of users who frequently push for certain updates or changes to the state of Roon Bridge and RAAT, because of how many options there are currently to hold users over until their perfect preferred option is available.

I hope that clarifies my quote.

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It is quite stunning how well Roon works with very different hardware, setups and environments.

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