Roon 1.2 when is it coming out?

I’m not worried about it. Roon is a better product today than it was when I subscribed. It will either come into being or it won’t.

Yes Stevev1, That’s what I’ve been thinking too. Just short of two months since the last update.

But for me, Roon is fine right now. It’s doing everything it promised to do when I subscribed and more.

It’s not just fine… It’s fantastic :grinning:
I trust this will be a great update. Just a bit curious why it’s taking so long.

[quote=“stevev1, post:12, topic:9078”]
Just a bit curious why it’s taking so long.
[/quote]simple really, there’s a lot in it and therefore a lot to thoroughly test prior to release.

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are you guessing or are you testing it?


good to know :grinning:

On the other hand, while we are whittling, we can do our share and open up a decent scotch while listening to the, barely scraping by, soon to be depricated, precursor to Roon awesomeness. Its a dirty job…


Andy, you aren’t by any chance, a closet songwriter, are you? There’s so much to appreciate in that paragraph. :grin:

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Well, hopefully they will be after its released :smiley: Maybe more of the whisky and less of the whittling but, who knows, maybe not - the Roon team could be Olympic level whittlers for all we know.

@andybob and @Ludwig were spot on…we’re working hard on this release. It’s coming. We make the decision to release when we judge it to be ready.

When you look at the release notes page you can clearly see that this update is taking far longer then usual.

Ahead of a major release, we turn down the pace on minor releases. This is because each minor release “costs” us ~3-4 days of schedule, so if we’re doing one every 7-10 days like in January or September/October, we’re moving at half-speed or worse on the “big stuff”.

The latency between the last 1.0 release (build 29) and 1.1 was Jun 18 -> Aug 25, or a bit over 9 weeks. We’re not at 9 weeks yet, and 1.2 is a much larger release than 1.1 was.

(build 30 was an “out of cycle” release to sync up with TIDAL API changes, so its timing isn’t indicative of our pace in any way)

if Roon were in negotiations to sell, or if there was a fatal flaw in what we call version 1.2 that meant it will never be released, we would not know and be getting the same responses re timetables.

Their primary ethical responsibility is to themselves and to their investors/financial partners.

While I understand (and agree in general that that is a sane way to view start-up companies), that view doesn’t match our current reality:

  • We are self-funded and don’t answer to outside investors or financial partners.
  • We are not currently involved in negotiations to sell the company, and company matters have not been a factor in the timing of this release.
  • Enough of 1.2 is “in the bag” at this point that if something major went wrong, we would solve it by delaying individual features instead of altering the overall release timeline.

Maybe more of the whisky and less of the whittling but, who knows, maybe not - the Roon team could be Olympic level whittlers for all we know.

More of a cabinetmaker, myself…but I know better than to mix sharp tools and whiskey. You can really screw up your project that way :smile:


I am very pleased that I took the decision to buy in to Roon. The valid points made by fritzg earlier were the reason I haven’t yet bought into a lifetime option. If the promised Internet radio solution etc turns out as well as it has been publicised it should be enough for me to finally leave LMS behind and possibly convert to a lifetime license. I’ve witnessed too many start ups collapse under the weight of expectation to not be a little cautious in my adoption of new CA developments. Regardless of this, I do think this is one of the most exciting and finely engineered products around with bags of potential.


Nowhere and I mean nowhere does a user community have such access to the business principles. The attentiveness, speed and measure of response is admirable. It’s s wonderful product created with love and energy and I am grateful for the hard work to develop it further. Pass me the scotch I think I have something on my eye :cry:

Well, actually, in cooperatives users/customers own the company and have access to those principles. I am a member/owner of four such cooperatives. Also, theoretically, in a publicly traded company customers, and especially shareholders, have access to the business principles. It’s actually privately held ventures like Roon that, in general, have the least amount of transparency and present the greatest amount of risk to customers and their workers. They can be gone in an instant.

The folks at Roon obviously know this, thus their openness in these forums. Plus their “lifetime” membership hints at something more permanent than the average tech company and is a bit like a kickstarter campaign (of which I have done several and talk about requiring patience).

Roon is nice, but as they admit, the product has major holes in it. I hope those are filled soon so I can feel good about subscribing for year two. Quite frankly it’s a drag to open my laptop to change from cooking music to dinner music every night. :slight_smile: I’d much rather do it from a remote on my phone at the table or in the backyard. hint, hint

The Roon crew has delivered as promised and I’ll say it again, I am satisfied with what I bought ten months ago. Roon delivered year one.

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I love Roon, don’t get me wrong but I agree there is a lack of visibility.
No road map - or I didn’t find it, no expected release date, like you would expect from any software company.
This is reason why I only went for the 1 year subscription, let see how things a progressing … I have 8 months left :wink:

Other than that, I love the product, the team availbility on the forum and looking forward to 1.2 :sunny:

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Ya, this has been discussed at length elsewhere:

Out of interest, who are you comparing to?

Dont get me wrong I’m not having a go, and there are features I’ve been waiting a long time for and also some I don’t know whether they’re on the roadmap or not. It can be frustrating for sure. But that is no different to any other software or hardware brand out there that I know, in audio or otherwise.

There are loads of reasons why companies don’t outline their short and long term roadmap with precision - flexibility to change their minds, competitors, problems leading to abandoned projects, unexpected delays - Im sure there are loads more.

I actually think the Roon guys give away far more than anyone I’ve come across, and they deliver the news personally and engage as much as they can (bearing in mind as well as being here and thinking about roadmaps they actually have to come up with ideas and write the software, as well as run the business, and maybe even have a life).

Here’s a stark contrast - I use a Devialet ‘expert’ (as they call it). Devialet have zero communication. Zero official community forum presence, no ideas about roadmap, no information on bug fixes, no customer interaction other than a stock ‘we’re looking at it’. The only snippets that ever come are horribly impersonal and over-zealous PR pieces. So maybe I’m conditioned too far the other way, but I see Roon as about as open and informative as you can get. OK, you have to follow the forums, but still. The info is there. The most likely thing to happen from constant community badgering for more more more, will be less input from them, which would be a very sad thing…. IMO.

That said, I do wonder when 1.2 is coming :grin: :laughing:


[quote=“Patrick_Silani, post:25, topic:9078, full:true”]
I love Roon, don’t get me wrong but I agree there is a lack of visibility.[/quote]

Don’t agree with that at all. I think the Roon guys/gals have gone above and beyond what most companies would have communicated, in a similar situation.


[quote=“Graeme_Allan, post:28, topic:9078”]
Don’t agree with that at all. I think the Roon guys/gals have gone above and beyond what most companies would have communicated, in a similar situation.

Devialet support aren’t that good :grin:

(says he with a pair of D-Premiers)