Managing ripped SACDs

Please pardon this newbie post. I am in the planning stage for a new system that I think I want to incorporate Roon. I have only minimal understanding of exactly what Roon can do for me, but from what I read I can use Roon to manage HD files of music I own. I own around 100 SACD discs. For convenience I would like to rip these and store them on some sort of NAS. I’ve read that I can use my Oppo UDP-105D, in conjunction with readily available utilities to accomplish the rip. As this is merely theoretical at this point, I don’t even know the resulting file type (again, newbie), but could I use Roon to manage and play the files through my UPD-205 (yes, I own both a 105D and 205)? I realize there are probably better hardware solutions, but my retiree budget dictates I use what existing hardware I can. Sorry for the lengthy post. Any friendly recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t seem to need any recommendations! :slight_smile:
In other words, your proposition will work fine, and Roon will make the experience a likeable one! :wink:
I have ripped most of my SACD’s and they are now part of my digital library, managed by Roon (and some other softwares also).

It’s worth noting that a higher share of ripped SACDs (as opposed to ripped CDs) will need a bit of support when Roon is trying to identify them. This is due to the SACD rips tend to differ slightly in song lengths and occasionally also track order and set list.

I don’t know whether the Oppo 205 is a good transport, but if the files are on disk, there are plenty of capable DSD DACs at very reasonable prices today.

The OP did not raise the issue but, if he is interested in the multichannel content of the SACDs, there are few multichannel DACs in the price range of his Oppo 205.

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At present used prices of around $2500 and upwards for a udp205 there maybe a few multichannel dacs to consider?
But the udp205 is a very capable machine indeed.

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Just note that while roon will play back DSD files just fine will not decode ISO file images of SACD’s you have to unpack them to DSD/DSF formatted track files. ISO2DSD IIRC will do this for you.

The process of SACD ripping is a two step affair: make ISO; convert ISO to DIF. It takes a little time but is worth the effort.
As someone has already said you sometimes have to assist with the album identification (but then that is the case for a certain proportion of non mainstream CDs and downloads too). Once identified, Roon usually groups the DSD version with the previous CD-layer RIP, prioritizing the DSD version.
Once on the NAS etc, Roon handles the DIF files seamlessly if your DAC does.

I own a UDP-103, and have ripped about 500 SACDs. I do it with the output file type being DSF, although I could do it to DFF. DSF allows for metadata, DFF does not. Also, in some systems, using certain software, I have heard that ripping direct to DSF might cause audible clicks and / or pops. When this happens, they recommend first ripping to DFF, then converting DFF to DSF. As I have never had any clicks or pops, I’ve never taken it’s route. And Roon does a great job on playing them back!

With the Sonore ISO2DSD program, you can rip directly to DSF or DFF, without getting involved with ISO. It does, though, also giving you the option of creating an ISO file instead.


Not DIF. The files are either DSF or DFF for playback.


Sonore can output to Philips DSDIFF or DSDIFF Edit Master files. I have no idea what they are, or how they differ from DSF and DFF. Maybe on of the other members can explain to us.

OOPS :slight_smile:
DFF in my case
Flagged as “DFF DSD64” in Roon

Can I ask you why you choose DFF over DSF?

I just followed the advice of the person who pointed me towards the software

Wow! So many helpful replies so quickly, without any flames! Thanks to all. When it comes time to implement I will have no reservations in going with Roon given the community support. With regards to the UDP-205, its internal DACs have proven sufficient for my modest needs. It feeds a Sony STR-ZA5000ES driving 5 stand-mounted Mirage OMD-5s and an Energy V-SW10. That’s my multi-channel audio setup. Given my modest investment, having bought everything at clearance or eBay I reckon I could do a lot worse, especially since the -205 and the Sony do double duty for my home theater, with another, switched 7.1.2 array. Thanks again.


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Well, I guess you chose that person for a reason but…
AFAIK, the only significant difference between DSF and DFF is that the former is capable of retaining standard tagging while the latter is not. That is why most choose DSF.

And, i have been told that DFF can hold compressed DSD which DSF can not. Not sure about the validity in this though!
And, BTW Roon does NOT play compressed DFF-files…

With the latest tools, it is a one step process. I rip straight to dsf files. This thread is a great resource:


Do you listen to multichannel?

While you’ll be able to rip the multichannel tracks off the SACD the Oppo won’t play them back in multichannel. It does’t support multichannel over the network. It does not support multichannel DSD as input. I believe you can play multichannel DSD by first converting to PCM (Roon can do this in real time) and then output over HDMI.

If you only care about 2-channel I think you’re golden.

Someone with a 205 can correct me as I don’t have one. Just going from memory when this was discussed some time back on the community here.

It does.

It does.

(It really depends on the software. It can be done but not via Roon in my experience. :sunglasses:)

Ahh… yes… I should specify my comments were Roon specific. Nice to know it works but maybe not with Roon?