Manual album identification issue - artist has no hits, but does via global search

Roon Core Machine

i7 NUC, ROCK, 2.0 / 1143

Windows 10 Roon Remote, 2.0 / 1143

I’ve encountered an issue with manually identifying non-English-language CDs. Here is an example where accessing the artist identification via the Unidentified album link returns no artist results (I had checked Spotify for the standard English spelling), but when I then go in to Roon’s global search, the artist then appears. Any ideas what’s going on?

Hi @ACvitus ,

Thanks for the report here! I have been able to reproduce your findings on my end and I checked with the team regarding your report.

This issue is likely occurring because the Artists exists in TIDAL and Qobuz metadata, but it does not in our metadata providers (TiVo / MusicBrainz).

Unfortunately, we cannot use TIDAL or Qobuz metadata to identify local content, the artist would need to have a TiVo or MusicBrainz profile.

For now, you can manually edit the album info to include this artist in it. Hope this helps!

thanks for looking into this and reporting back. Having ripped a lot of non-English language CDs, it looks to me that the metadata coverage from TiVo/MusicBrainz is somewhat inferior to Qobuz and Spotify, as I’m finding more “hits” in their catalogues. Perhaps at some point coverage of local non-English language content can be improved.

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