Manually add tracks to Roon album

Hi, is there a way to manually add tracks to an Album in Roon? Roon scanned my Music file library located on D:\Flac\ and some some reason, one album is only showing 1 track when there are 15 tracks in the file directory. I can seem to find where the other tracks are located. Therefore, is there a way to point to that directory and do something like “add tracks” to album? Thanks!

Go to the Track browser, select all the tracks you want to group into

Excactly what I have been asking many times. Let us call the content of one directory an album, nomatter what’s in there. This saves a LOT if not all of trouble with unidentified albums.

Tried that, doesn’t work. The track browser filter does not let me point to the content of one sub directory.

Yes, I can’t figure how to do it either. Very simple what I am looking for: allow me to point to a directory and call that an album. Of course, ideally, when I do that, the selected tracks should be removed from all other albums Roon “decided” they belong to. This will help me fix the incorrectly identified tracks.

Hi Hammer and @Sjef_van_de_Ven,

Have you tried Merge Albums and/or Fixed Track Grouping?

If you have different “albums” with only one or more tracks that you want to combine into an album, check out Merge Albums.

If you want to remove tracks from an album, which you can later merge, check out Fix Track Grouping.

Hopefully that will help.

Cheers, Greg


No doubt the issue can be solved with the existing feature set, but it can be very tedious. Sometimes the issue is that an album determined by Roon can contain tracks from multiple albums and it become very cumbersome to split and regroup, especially on an ipad which is what I use. The ability to simply select a directory and manually group it is far easier. Roon does a great job 95% of the time, but sometimes manual intervention is needed and something simple and easy to use would be great!

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Tried that as well. Doesn’t work. For the merged album function you have to manually search for the song wich are scattered all over the place. Even the directory search in the trac broeser is not accarate. Tried doing it this way, took me ten minutes to fix only two albums and I have around 300 albums that are scattered. Just pointing at a directory, call that an album fixes everything for me. My old player used to work that way. Fixed all 300 albums in just 2 minutes.

I’m sure you’ve already fixed this but here is how I did it …

Step 1 - go to track browser
Step 2 - select the drop down on the right hand end of the menu bar and in this drop down enable the path so that in the track browser you now see a column with the path of the track (where it is on the storage volume)
Step 3 - press and hold (iPad) or two finger click (mac trackpad) to select a track
Step 4 - use same selection method to select all the tracks you want to group
Step 5 - click edit at top right of screen and select “Group Tracks”
Step 6 - click create album

This then ensured that all the tracks I wanted from a directory were grouped into one album. Hope this information is useful for others.