Manually added artist image randomly resetting

I have noticed this a few times now. At first I thought I was must have forgotten if I manually changed an artist image. Now I am absolutely certain that Roon is “forgetting” the image I uploaded and reverting back to the either the default one or one that I uploaded previously. This has happened at least 3 times now.

Just saw another case of this today.

I am spending a lot of time making sure the artist images are what I want so this is getting very annoying.

@support any ideas?

ughh…happened again! Can someone @support please acknowledge they are looking into this???

I can see at least 3 artists where I have manually added an image that has reverted back to the default Roon image. It seems the image I add works for a few days then for whatever reason Roon decides to change it.

Hi @tboooe — Thank you for the report. Please provide us some details of your setup and we’ll have a look to see what we can come up with on our end.



Here is my setup:
Roonserver running on Windows 2012 R2 in headless environment
Roon remote running on Windows7 laptop, Windows 8 tablet, Android tablet, Android phone
Music on NAS

Typically I make the image edits from my Windows 7 laptop remote.

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Thanks @tboooe, placing this report in our queue for evaluation.


@Eric just want to let you know this happened again.

@Eric after restarting Roonserver, the artist image has changed again, this time back to what I had originally set.

Where are you seeing the changed image? We’ve been doing some testing, and we’ve yet to see a manually edited image change back. Can you post some screenshots?

I’m going to discuss with the team whether anyone has any ideas here, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to move forward here unless we can actually see this issue occur in house.

@mike, I am seeing the artist banner change. For example, with the artist Sia I changed the default image. Seemingly randomly the artist banner reverted back to the default one.

Roon default artist image

Image I manually edited:

Just circling back here to let you know that all the test setups we’ve run have been stable @tboooe :weary: It’s going to be hard to make progress here if we can’t figure out how to reproduce the issue.

Can you try a test for me? Would you mind editing one of the artist names – just add a 1 or whatever, and then let us know if that too is changing over time.

Also, can you confirm you’re not editing these artists at all, in between when you originally made the edit and when the custom image disappears? No other artist edits, right?