Many albums missing from Roon which are on Tidal


Although I have the Tidal integration, I wasn’t using Tidal too much as I have a lot in my own library. Today I discovered that Tidal started streaming MQA and I wanted to try to see If I could make use of it with my MQA enabled DAC. While trying to find albums in Roon that are listed under Masters on Tidal, I discovered that many albums that I see in Tidal are not found in Roon. And not obscure releases, many mainstream albums e.g. from Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Is there something wrong with my setting or am I missing something?

I enclose the screenshots from each:

Thanks in advance for your support.


Have you tried Syncing the Library Now?

Navigate to Settings/Services/Tidal/Edit and click the Sync Library Now text.

Your albums should come up. Good luck.

Thanks for the quick reply, yes I did. It seems like it is some other structural problem.


A small update, if I favorite an album on Tidal and then sync, the albums shows up on the artists library albums page on Roon but still not on the Tidal albums page.



[quote=“Yaman_Basa, post:4, topic:18092”]
if I favorite an album on Tidal and then sync, the albums shows up on the artists library albums page on Roon but still not on the Tidal albums page.

Once you have favourited them, Roon integrates them into your local library … so to avoid duplicating each added Tidal album, it is no longer display in the Tidal section. Think of it as moving rather that adding.

The album is marked in “Tidal” format, and if enabled, in settings, a Tidal “T” icon display on the artwork.

Hi Carl,

I figured that out as mentioned in my previous remark. My problem is that the album is not available in the Tidal section of the artist in the first place. I see it in Tidal but not on Tidal section of Roon. My perception is that any album I see in Tidal for a particular artist, should be available in Tidal section for that artist in Roon. Am I not correct here?

Thanks a lot


Hi @Yaman_Basa ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you please verify for me if any of the albums you are looking for in TIDAL already exist in your local collection?


Hi Again,

That’s true, most of the albums not available in the Tidal section of Roon already exist in my own library. Does Roon filter these out and list only the ones not available in my local collection? If this is the case, I will have difficulty finding mqa albums from within artist sections in Roon. At the same time many albums are have are early CD editions whereas Tidal streams different releases (remastered, etc) of those albums. If I have a choice I would love to have everything available in Tidal to be listed in the Tidal section of Roon.

Thanks a lot


Hi @Yaman_Basa ---- Thank you for the follow up and verifying that information for me! Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, if you search for an album that already exists in your local library and click “TIDAL albums” are you able to find the content you would like to add?


Hi Eric,

Even if the album is not listed under the Tidal section of an artist, if I search for the particular album, I find it under Tidal section.

Thanks a lot for your support.


I seem to be having the same issue described here. I have one track of Pink Floyd’s the Final Cut in my library and when I search the Pink Floyd in Tidal in Roon the album is not there but it is in the Tidal application. I seem to only be able to View Main Albums in Tidal?

Hey @Gregory_Smith – have a look at my post here:

In short, the TIDAL section of the Artist page shows you albums that are not yet in your library.

Since this album’s already in your library, you should be able to get to the TIDAL edition via the “three dots” menu:


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