Many iTunes albums imported to Roon as playlists that are empty

roon newest version 30, MacBook Air 8gb ram, 256 gb usb hdd, also no album cover art. How to add? drag & drop first not work. Thank you!

Thanks for the report @evangelist – I sent you a PM so we can gather some more information.

If anyone else is experiencing the same issue let us know, or even better just PM me.


Mike … I am trying to help my friend with his 2 Room issues. His name is also coincidentally Harvey. Could you please contact him for the additional information you need. His name is Harvey Simons at Lewis Audio Video. Could you copy me as well on the fix(s). I am using Roon and love it but don’t know how to address these issues.

Thank you in advance,

Harvey / Evangelist

Hey @evangelist – I’ve received logs from someone named Harvey. Now I’m not sure which one! :smile:

The logs should give us a lot more information about the issue, and since we have heard from one or two others about this, I don’t think it’s anything too exotic – probably just a bug triggered by something in these configurations.

Now that I have the logs, they need to be analyzed. Give me a day or two and I will follow up ok?


Edit: with regards to the drag and drop artwork question, can you let me know where you’re trying to drop the art? Meaning what screen? Also, where is the art coming from? Hard drive? Link? Let me know the specifics and we’ll figure that one out too.

iTunes tells me I have 1259 albums in it, and 32 playlists. Roon tells me I have 1183 albums and 50 playlists, all empty. Of the 50 playlists Roon say I have, some are albums and some are really playlists, so am not sure how this took place in Roon.

Roon’s definition of an album may not always be the same as iTunes. For example iTunes might count “The Essential Bob Dylan Disc 1” as a different album from “The Essential Bob Dylan Disc 2”, but in Roon we would correctly identify those as different discs, not different albums.

As for playlists, we also import playlists from your watched folders so if you’re seeing playlists that aren’t from iTunes, you may want to check your watched folders.

We are still investigating the empty playlists issue, and hope to have an update soon. Thanks!

Hey @evangelist – did this get resolved? There were some iTunes fixes in 1.1, so would love to know if this is resolved now.


Installed it yesterday and all playlists still are empty, so no it did not. Thanks for the follow-up