Many playlists have disappeared

I have the exact same issue where my many many playlists have disappeared.

And you can see here that via search I can find playlists that should show up in my playlists but I only see that 1 KMFDM one. Let me know if there is additional info I can provide to help solve the issue.

Pretty sure these are all tidal/qobuz tracks.

Don’t look for any help on this issue from the support staff at Roon.

@Day_Radebaugh they’re trying to do some hard stuff and things will break. Overall I love where this product is going so let’s see if we can help them.

In that regard the first screenshot here shows a missing playlist that I found searching. The track that is playing was a dead/unavailable track at the top of the playlist. Tidal must have changed something and re-added the album. The track being played was a greyed out image but you could see the artist and the album link (album was unavailable). When I added the playlist after the playing track the track Le breakbeat tranquille disappeared from the playlist.

Now when I try and add the track that had been the first track of the playlist, that playlist cannot be found but some do appear.

You can see the greyed out track in the queue.

They are trying to do some hard things. Support of a product is hard too, and should not be neglected in favor of increasing product functionality. You should make it work before you move on. A product without support is not a product at all.

Hi @sonic_fanatic

It looks like a filter was applied (you can see that KMF is highlighted here) — Can you click the Filter option in the upper-right and clear it? Thanks!

Oh wow, duh. Thanks @dylan !

@dylan although I can see all the playlists in My Playlists now, why can’t I add the track mentioned previously? It seems all the playlists don’t show up when I try and add a track to a playlist. It seems like another issue.


In this screen snip, the playlist you are showing looks to be based IN Tidal.


I think that there is some confusion about how Playlists are handled in Roon. Take a look at this snip:

The last playlist was one I created in Tidal which Roon displays when the account is linked. You can tell because there is a T on the right (circled in Red). Playlists created in Roon will not have that, even if that playlist contains content from Tidal.

This is important because, Roon cannot edit Tidal playlists, which is why you cannot add a track. Also, you cannot export Roon playlists TO Tidal using Roon. You can however, import a Tidal playlist into Roon by clicking on the 3 dots, and choosing the “Save a local copy”. This will create a new playlist which you can edit, however, it is now a Roon based playlist.

Let me give you an example of this, I have a Tidal playlist called “Carr” and saved a local copy which will also call itself “Carr”. The only differentiator is the Tidal “T” indicator.

The playlist with the red arrow is the original Tidal based playlist (has the T). I saved a local copy and you can see it above (no streaming indicator), although the playlist is made up of Tidal tracks. I can edit the local copy, I cannot edit the Tidal based playlist. Any edits to the local copy do not sync up to the Tidal playlist.

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@Rugby that makes a lot of sense! Thank you for taking the time to share.

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