Many skipped files with Sonic Transporter

I don’t think the slash is the problem if that were the problem the files would not even appear in the skipped files list. If I am translating the message as to why your files have been skipped correctly then is the problem.

  • Audio Stream Format Not Supported - The file is may be valid, but Roon doesn’t support this format. It might use an unsupported codec (for example, an MPEG4 file with a .m4a extension where we couldn’t locate an AAC or ALAC track), use an unsupported sample rate or bit depth, be a video file, or otherwise be a type of media that Roon is not prepared to handle right now.

Is there something different about these files compared to those that have been imported? I think @dylan might want to have a look at some of them.

See the skipped files here for more details.

Hey @Bert_Dijkstra – can you upload a file to Dropbox and PM a link to me or @dylan? That will be the fastest way to make some progress here and figure out why your files aren’t importing.

If you need further instructions, just let us know. Thanks!

Guess what …

Yesterday I received an enclosure with USB cable (10Gbs) for my SSD drive. I replaced the old cable and connected the SSD drive, started Transporter and Roon … it started loading my entire music library. When it was finished I looked at the skipped files list: completely empty. So it was not a Roon / iTunes problem but just a malfunctioning cable that pretended to work well (data was visible).
I want to thank everyone for thinking along and helping with a solution.
Roon is working properly now !!!

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