Many "Various Artists" Compilations - how to list alphabetically by album title? [Answered]

I have several genres with 100+ compilation albums that I have tagged as “Various Artists”. I have Roon set up to sort compilations to Various Artists, which is good. I can easily sort by artist and find all of the compilations. The problem is that they are in no particular order. For example, I have the compilations “Too Slow To Disco” volumes 1, 2, and 3. However, they are all over the place in that section, not next to each other like they should be.

Most of the software I’ve used before lets me search by the artist “Various Artists” within a genre and then lists all of the comps alphabetically. Any way to get Roon to do that? Thanks!

One way to do this would be to ensure that all your compilation albums are marked as such within Roon. Select your Genres, then Focus on your Compilation albums, and sort the results by Album Title…

You can also filter on various artists performer and do the album title sort

Thanks guys!

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