Marantz av8802 airplay

In the specs of the AV8802 I read that it supports DSD64 2,8 Mhz. When I play a dsd64 file the Marantz display shows me “Airplay”. Does this mean that the Marantz is converting the dsf file to pcm and why is this?

This is my current setup
Roon Rock on Intel i5 8259U that is hardwired to a switch. The dsf file is on a Synology DS409 from 2009. This Synology is also hardwired to the same switch. This switch is then hardwired to a Orbi Satellite home mesh system.

The marantz is hardwired to the Orbi router. Orbi router connects to 5Ghz with Orbi Sattelite.

I stream the dsf file using the roon android app to the marantz. I thought that the marantz display would show me DSD64 or DSD but not Airplay. I find is weird that it shows "Airplay allthough I have no Apple devices running roon

Bart your Marantz is Roon tested and not Roon Ready therefore only supports Airplay.
Airplay only supports PCM 16/44 so everything you play above that wil be down sampled to 16/44.

There are many threads here that mentioned it, including how Apple released high resolution without the ability to play it via Airplay.

Many think this is about network reliability which needs to be stronger for grouping multi device high resolution streamers together.

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