Marantz MCR 612 - speaker crackle on TIDAL, Roon but not HEOS

Hi all

I dont think my issue is Roon specific to be honest, but I would appreciate some of your thoughts on why this is happening.

I have a Marantz MCR 612 and even before Roon I had this issue. When I play through TIDAL , not TIDAL Connect, and Spotify connect I get a crackle on the speakers. The Marantz is not connected via ethernet.

However when I play through HEOS the sound is fine.

I now have Roon on Trial and am really enjoying it , but everything is played through Roon and I’m getting the crackle

When I play through my Bose speakers in my office which are wired to my MAC I get no crackle. MAC is connected to router by ethernet

Apologies if this is obvious but I’m not overly technical

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