Marantz new streaming amplifiers (HEOS enabled) not described as ROON READY or TESTED

Marantz have just announced two new devices that look like upgraded HEOS AMP and and HEOS DRIVE. Given all the recent activity and the transient ROON READY identification on so many Denon/Marantz products I am surprised (and disappointed) that they are not being identified as ROON ready or even ROON tested.

I would expect they will work with RHEOS but will wait and see if anyone takes the plunge.

I have a good use case for the M1 and am a Marantz fanboy for decades. That said, they got me with the 30N not being Roon Ready. I didn’t investigate enough into the detail and that’s on me. Now, I say get it certified Masimo, then we will talk. :slight_smile:


Model 40n amp has never been classed as Roon Tested either. They must have stopped sending stuff to Roon. It works the same as any other over Airplay though.


The 30N works fine with the USB input, so no great issue for me as the laptop lives atop it anyway.

I enjoy making fun of myself for not RTFMing in light of the fact that I am usually that guy spouting off about…RTFMing. :slight_smile:

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