Marantz NR1711 Certified?

Hi, I am considering buying the new Marantz NR1711. One of the reasons for buying this is that Marantz are saying it is “Roon Tested” Certified All new Marantz AV receivers are now Roon Tested including the NR1711.

Given the announcement that uncertified [Roon Ready] equipment will not be able to be enabled after 21/11 I have checked the partners page.

It appears that Marantz are a ‘Partner’, which should be the green light that their equipment will function properly.
However, the NR1711 model is not listed, (the NR1710 is listed). Is this a timing issue?

Is the NR1711 in the certification process? If so, how long before it appears on the list?

Obviously I need to know that this model will be certified, and when, before parting with my money.


P.S. Could a ‘In Certification process’ classification be implemented on each partner page to indicate equipement that is not yet certified but on its way?

(I appreciate that the Partner equipemnt lists are dynamic now and populated directly from database data… is the ‘in process’ info captured to be the source for this… or could it be?.. would be quite helpful).

Thanks again.

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Roon tested probably means, in this case, that it will work over AirPlay it isn’t “roon ready”.


Hi Ged, Thanks for your reply.

So, if it AirPlay that is used does that mean nothing better than 16 Bit / 44.1kHz ?

I would imagine so yes. Marantz and Denon use their own HEOS for multiroom casting so, in my opinion, their roon abilities are pure marketing.


@danny is this true? If I hook up a Marantz NR1711 (or NR1710) I will only get CD quality over AirPlay?

Airplay can only stream up to cd quality.

… and is that the best the Marantz kit can manage when Roon supplies the source? (Sorry i am pretty new to Roon). The spec for the Marantz NR1711 boasts better; 24/192 for example.
Does Roon recognise an ‘AirPlay only’ device and downgrade the supplied stream appropriately? If so, is this because it is not a true Roon endpoint using RAAT? (Trying to understand).
Thanks for your time.

You are right it isn’t a TRUE endpoint they’ve put lipstick on the pig and used the airplay interface to boast roon tested.

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danny didn’t say whether it was or wasn’t truly ‘Roon Tested’, so it still sounds a little fishy to me.

I’m not sure what the Roon demerit is for saying a device is ‘Roon Tested’ when it hasn’t been tested (by Roon), short of a lawsuit, I suppose.

I don’t really want to get into the discussion/argument about Roon certification, but Marantz are listed as a Roon partner and I read this morning (on community pages), @danny saying the Partners list was ‘gospel’ for certified equipment.

Anyway, I think I now need to look for another AV amp. I have not invested in hi-res source files and Roon to stream them only to have them downgraded to CD quality for the ‘certified’ device.

Maybe there should be two certifications; Certified SD (standard definition) and Certified HD (hi-res certification). Or ‘Roon certified via AirPlay’ as an alternative to regular certification.
Just need something to differentiate and give people a quick view of the capabilities of certified devices.

So… anyone got any recommendations for a ‘Roon capable’ AV amp? I was looking at the Marantz NR1711 for three main reasons; it is compact, compared to regular AV amps, it is future-proofed being 8k capable and it ‘was’ Roon, hi-res capable. Anything close to that?

Since the device isn’t ‘Roon Ready’, how were you intending to feed a Roon stream to it, if not by AirPlay?

Not a snark, just trying to understand your use case.

I guess i just misunderstood the ‘certified Roon Tested’ phrase used by Marantz.

My use case; I am in the process of working out upgrades to my study AV setup. I want to upgrade the tv to 4K, which will mean upgrading my AV amp that currently feeds the existing tv.
That was the start point. Then i saw the Marantz amp advertised and thought I could use to to stream my music from Roon to the speakers I have providing surround sound in the study.
Seems I misunderstood and got too excited about what might be possible.

Ok, why I asked is that anyone who specs an AV receiver is usually most interested in the video/audio functions over the purely hifi functions.

You can, of course, use Roon with any receiver if you feed it with an appropriate streamer, e,g. an RPi with a HAT.

Doing that will give you the Marantz full resolution of 192k and whatever DSD res it supports.

Short of that, I’m not sure you’re going to find a receiver that fits your requirements, but others will inevitably chime in.

Good luck.

I have Marantz NR 1711 and it only works with Roon after AirPlay 16/44 which is disappointing.
Only Heos uploads files from my NAS in native file quality. e.g. DSD 128.
Tidal also only works with 16/44.



Thanks for the info. You have confirmed what the other guys here told me. Seems I was hoping for too much.
How is the 1711 as an AV amp for tv and movies? Are you happy with it?
I might still get one for the same, regardless of the hifi performance.


I thought that Marantz would work like Roon with Chromacast, but maybe Marantz will insert RAAT, so far it works and Roon controls the device.
I listen to Music on the HIFI IFI set and Headphones and from where Marantz.
I replaced the TV with LG GX 4K OLED. The TV itself is great.
Only my old Denon will not provide me with 4K for my TV and since I have 5.1 KEF T305 speakers, I needed this AV receiver, so it was Marantz because it is a great 8k equipment for the money, which will allow me to send 4k at 120Hz to a TV from a computer / console.
You also have to remember about HDMI 2.1 cables if you want max. take advantage of.
The device itself is low, which also mattered to me.
Marantz is max. functional, practically everything can be connected, in my set both in movies and music (concerts) it is very good, nice dynamics, dialogues are heard well and effects in movies are effective :slight_smile: plus 4k image with HDR and Dolby Atmos is a pleasure. And my living room is what 20m2.
If you enjoy playing the Maratz with your speakers and in your room then there are some concessions and maybe Marantz will do 1711 Roon Ready and not just Tested.


Thanks for the reply. I think I will get a demo of the Marantz.

Thanks for your help.

The pleasure is on my side that I could help.

One addition too what has already been said, is that Roon will recognise the Marantz as named source/output channel, even though the transfer is via Airplay. I guess that could be part of what Roon Tested also means. Noticed this on my Marantz NR1510 and got my hopes up until I realised it was still only Airplay.