Marantz SA-KI USB Dropouts

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock - Intel NUC i7 - BXNUC10i7FNH1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Network

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberrypi running Ropiee via USB > USB in on Marantz SA-KI

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Description of Issue

I am connecting my RopieeXL end point to my Marantz SA-KI via USB. When I connect via USB I am getting drop outs. This device is a RoonTested Device. When I was using this same endpoint with my old Bifrost 2 via USB I never had these issues. Also, when I connect via COAX and use my Pi2AES there do not seem to be dropouts. Does that eliminate it being a networking issue? I don’t mind using COAX but I do have some native DSD on my server that I use at times. Are there any specific settings that I can change to help remediate this problem?

  • I have tried two different cables and both were also different lengths.
  • I have the same setup going into my Schist Yggdrasil and have had no issues
  • Issue is not present when using COAX in on the Marantz via my Pi2AES
  • Issue is present with both DSD local files as well as streaming

Replying to my own thread - I am going to try a Pi4 that I have lying around and see if that helps. It has a dedicated USB bus on the new model. Perhaps it will fix the issue.

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