Marketing emails from Roon

Hi peeps.

Did anyone else find the unsolicited email from Roon announcing this $25k system somewhat insensitive to an economically stricken global economy (drastically elevated energy and food prices, etc).

I dunno I, ironically, found it somewhat tone deaf and poorly timed.


Here in Europe it will cost 32000 €. Given that I’ve just sold my Bartok (as for the life of me I couldn’t hear a difference with a much more modestly priced DAC), I’m not quite ready to splash that kind of money on a dCS headphone system. dCS has chosen to cater to the high high-end market, and there you don’t have people who worry about the global economic situation too much; in fact they’re busy profiting from it. As for the value-price relation, that’s simply not the point for luxury goods.

But you’re right: Roon, please stop sending unsolicited adverts for high-end products. Most Roon customers have more sense than (easy) money!

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Not me. There are, and always will be, people who have the resources and desire to purchase expensive gear. I sometimes wonder when I see some of these very expensive music system if there is not a more useful way to spend your money. On the other hand, you don’t know that these people aren’t doing their share to help others, so best not to make judgements.

Class warfare is not the answer.


I received an email from dCS but nothing from Roon. Strange roon send such email…

I never got an email. Roon must know how much I don’t earn.


It’s clearly Roon that sent the email.

I’ve not received the email, but I imagine it will take a while for Amazon SES to process 200k+ emails.

IIRC Roon sends occasional emails from the Roon Store. If you don’t want to receive them, click on the unsubscribe link in the email.

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Probably went to your spam folder. Looks like your spam filter knows how much you earn :rofl:


I did get the email. I don’t really mind either way to be honest. I wonder if the email was sent to people who have commented on dCS - I certainly have.

Oh well, if it goes by comments and such only emails I’ll be getting from Roon will be for Amazon Basic “pick product here”.


I got it and I have never mentioned tha brand in here or anywhere else.

I think they just send it to the well-heeled class…
Like me, lol

This is an audio forum. Not a Concern Trolling forum.

Being an Audio Science Review aficionado, a onetime Electrical Engineer, and a Topping, ifi, FiiO, RME products measure better so sod the expensive bling type fellow, I’m probably not in the target demographic. Hardly the worst kind of spam though. Always nice to know what the Audio-juju Folks are into these days.


Yes insensitive and pointless for me in the UK.

‘Delivery is available in the US only.’

I have unsubscribed but that returned a ‘ You will no longer receive messages from Roon Labs’ which isn’t what I wanted to unsubscribe from. It is Roon Store I have no interest in.


I got the email, never mentioned dcs on this forum as far as I can remember, but putting an RK27 volume control which costs around £10 in it , the money hasn’t gone on parts.

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So because the global economy is in a slump you suggest Prada, LV, Hermes and DCS and MSB should shutter their stores? Or stop advertising? In a free market…supply and demand will dictate the longevity or existence of products…not whether or not I can afford them. I like seeing new tech and products like this. As eventually the technology will trickle down. I also like checking out if the product delivers to justify the price.

I imagine this Lina setup is targeted at someone who would buy a Vivaldi or MSB or Taiko extreme but can’t or doesn’t want to use speakers all the time. Different strokes…Roon keep keeping me updated on what’s new in hifi….even if I may not be able to afford it.


Chill out Dean. dCS can do what they want; I’m having a go at Roon for taking advertising bucks from dCS to send unsolicited adverts about obscenely expensive kit. It’s poor taste and does more to damage the Roon brand than any money they may have received from dCS.

Totally chilled, Rik. I’m just confused by your reasoning. For clarification…You’re off put/annoyed by Roon (essentially a software company) for leveraging its subscriber base by sending out ads for 3rd party companies/affiliates…in doing so adding to Roon’s top line? Do you realise that in the current inflationary global economy you mentioned, Roon is one of the few companies that haven’t yet announced a price increase? I say carry on Roon, especially if it gives me a chance to get my lifetime sub before any potential price increase.

I’m pretty sure you can unsubscribed from Roon’s newsletter in any case, if seeing ads for high end gear triggers you.

I’m not so keen to encourage Roon to add a opt out option as someone else suggested…as that would only bring any potential price increase faster.


No problem with that. But one definitely should be able to say no thanks to advertising emails. Especially from a service as roon which I pay money for. There are also a lot of better places where you can update yourself regarding new hi-fi products. Who subscribes to roon for that reason!?

Totally agree…giving an option to not receive ads is always good. Just saying that removing a company’s avenue for revenue usually results in them either increasing your subscription fee or introducing tier service levels. This is a business. Who knows maybe they’ll start including ads in the software for a stable or reduced subscription fee at some point :slight_smile: I’m sure if roon had the subscription numbers we’d already have a basic ad supported tier and premium w/o ads like Spotify etc.