Marking as favorite not working correctly

When I click on the heart symbol, in order to mark a track as a favorite, the heart often does not darken to indicate that it has been “favorited”. I am attempting to favorite the songs from the Now playing area.

Hi Louis,

Is this a Tidal track that is not in your library? You can only favourite tracks and albums in your library.

The heart should have a solid white outline if it’s in your library and you’re able to favourite it. Tidal tracks have a light grey outline of the heart.

Cheers, Greg

No. These are tracks in my library. It happens for both Tidal tracks in my library, as well as tracks stored on my hard drive. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but intermittently.

There’s also a bug, where the heart will flash on and then turn off. If you click it once and it does this, most likely it did favourite.

This bug has been difficult for the Roon guys to track down, since no one can seem to give steps to cause the issue.

Try and restart your Roon Remote app and try again.

Cheers, Greg

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FYI: Cannot favorite (click the heart)[Ticket in]

Thanks Greg and John. I will read through the previous threads.