Massive non-musical sound just destroyed my tweeters

@support I was listening to music yesterday and from out of nowhere came a painfully loud blast of noise through my speakers. I can’t really describe it, other than to say it doesn’t sound like music at all. One second I’m listening to Van Morrison and the next second excruciatingly loud noise. I stopped the playback as quickly as I could but the tweeters were already gone by then.

Does anyone know what this is and, more importantly, how to keep it from happening again.

FWIW, I have Roon installed on a MacMini, streamed wirelessly to a “Classic” Squeezebox with its digital out connected to the digital input of the Resolution Audio Opus 21.

Hi James,

That’s a terrible thing to have happen. Everyone reading this will have winced in sympathy. Can you describe the path when this happened ? What resolution file, local or streaming, any DSP activated ?

It was streamed from Tidal. Flac. 44.1Khz, 16bit, 2 channel. Within the DSP settings, speaker set-up was enabled but default settings were in place (no phase inversion or distances set for speakers). That was it as far as DSP settings go (I think if I had had headroom management enabled, the sound level would not have been nearly as loud).

Is there a word to describe the horrible racket I was hearing (I’m pretty sure there is something better than “massive non-musical sound”)?

White noise. Mine did this today weirdly enough but volume was low enough for no ill effects.

So anybody have any thoughts on how to prevent this in the future? Tweeters aren’t cheap (these are probably $150 each, plus whatever labor costs are involved in replacing them), and i would really, really like to avoid this happening going forward.

Put another way, what is the most likely culprit: Tidal? Roon? Network? Squeezebox? DAC?

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I had this once when trying out upsampling in Roon but I dont use any DSP except volume levelling now and not had it again. It’s a horrible experience and it scared the bejebus out of me at the time. If your not using any DSP at all maybe best to have it all off just in case.

@support, perhaps logs can tell what happened.

DSP. I started to get this regularly and since disabling DSP it hasn’t happened. I suspect upsampling and will switch parametric back on soon to see if that works OK.