Matrix Audio X-Sabre PRO MQA

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon Nucelus Build 1.7 lasted system

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Netgear Ethernet cable

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Looking to upgrade to a new DAC, is the Matrix Audio X-Sabre PRO MQA now on your list of in house devices and Roon “RAAT” ready, if so can you share the info “USB Volume Max Format Notes”

Thank you
Thomas Reid


Hi Thomas,

We’ll let @john tell us if I’m wrong, but I can’t see Matrix Audio in the Partner’s listing or the Devices Matrix and there is no mention of Roon Ready on the Matrix Audio product page. So I would say no.

Hello @Thomas_Reid,

The Matrix Audio X-Sabre PRO MQA is currently being evaluated as a part of our Roon Tested program.

I can confirm that the device supports a maximum PCM sample rate of 768kHz, with DSD limits of DSD256 via DoP and DSD512 using the ASIO driver in native DSD mode.

The device does not support USB volume controls.


Thank you John!!


You stated the USB volume is working? so you can control volume on a Roon remote application? are you using the USB connected from the Nucleus to the Matrix Audio X-Sabre PRO? Sorry if you already reply to this question, just wanted to confirm. Merry Christmas!

Kind regards

@Thomas_Reid Confirm. Nuc 8i7 beh -> USB connection Matrix X-Saber Pro MQA. The volume control on the iPad 100% works.


Thank you!
Thomas Reid

Has there been anything new on this? I’m thinking about a Matrix X-Sabre PRO MQA, but I’d like to know it will play nicely with my Nucleus+.


Sorry I’m not sure, I ended up going with Chord Hugo TT 2, very happy with the unit.


Still no news about Roon ready’ness, but I think you have re-evaluate your expectations with this corona debacle. Matrix audio has been slowly getting back in the saddle.

That said, the Matrix XSP (MQA) works flawless with Roon. There is no hardware volume controlled by Roon. Driverless with Mac OS and Linux, windows im not sure.

This is a stellar dac, don’t get unsure about Roon ready’ness its just a fancy title… all that’s needed is drivers or driverless support by your OS of choice.
Roon readiness is no guarantee for succes, just take a look at the several threads about the bluesound debacle.

XSP (MQA) has driverless support on Linux. The XMOS XU216 usb interface have UAC2 support in the Nuclues(+) ROCK kernel.

Thank you for your response. I can’t say I fully understand the technical issues/elements. I’m using an Oppo UDP-205 as a DAC now. Hoping to be able to replace it with the Matrix and use it the same way. I keep the volume fixed and control volume with my pre-amp, so hardware volume control isn’t a concern for me. I’m specifically concerned with Nucleus+/Roon OS compatibility?

I almost 100% certain that It;s compatible with ROCK. I will set up a rock server and try for you, tomorrow.

to answer the question once and for all… yes it is recognised, yes its compatible out of the box with Roon ROCK :grinning:

you can select the XSP MQA during setup and later on in settings/audio

Roon Rock (Roon OS) GUI

Hello @Robert_Greenhaus,

The X-SABRE PRO (MQA) will be joining our Roon Tested list in the near future. We do not anticipate running into any issues when using the X-SABRE PRO (MQA) with a Roon Nucleus.


I bought the X-Sabre Pro MQA. It’s working. Thanks!

Nice this Stuff is ok

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