Matrix Mini-I Pro 3 : Roon ready or not?

Matrix Audio mini-I Pro 3

Anybody know if this is actullay Roon ready?
Matrix advertise it as such but I don’t see the device listed in the Roon Partners Matrix section.

If it’s not approved, and considering the September 21 scenario, does this mean that:

A - it won’t work until approved and
B - can @Support give any indication on time to approve?



looked at the product page for the unit, and there’s this review:

Lovely piece of hardware with all the right interface, great sound, and definitely at the right price. Only problem is that I purchased this device with the primary intention of using natively with Roon and that turns out not be possible: it is NOT certified with Roon and due to recently policies enacted by Roon, CANNOT be used as a Roon Endpoint via RAAT (Airplay still works but obviously not the desired goal). At the present time, this should not be listed as a “Roon Ready” device and the marketing material updated.

sounds like no-go, so hopefully Matrix or Roon Support will have some info/updates soon


Cannot for the life of me find the post you refer to. Only post I see on their site is in the community pages. Looks like that dude had it working as a roon end-point just before D-Day…
I did read a similar post on reddit regarding not roon ready / airplay only, hence I raised my question in here to check.
Hopefully Roon / Matrix work it out as it looks like a nice little unit for the money.
Cheers :+1:

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oh, wait, it’s not on the Matrix site. It’s on the Moon-Audio site. Scroll down to REVIEWS. It’s the only one.

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Those responsible for MA replied on audioscience review. They are basically waiting for Roon to certify it:

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I expect to pull the trigger on one of these as soon as it is certified, but I have seen too many people have issue to jump the gun ahead of that.


Actually asked the rep I got my Matrix X-SPDIF 2 from, and he said the Mini-i units will be roon ready in two weeks or less. They’re currently working on some firmware updates required by roon to certify these models.

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Thanks for the input to this post :+1::+1:

I got one of these when it came out and strangely enough, was able to stream to it as a Roon endpoint straight out of the box. I did a firmware update recently (version 1.20 I think) and now I can’t enable it in Roon anymore. Hopefully, they get it fixed soon.

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Sounds like you got stung by the September cutoff.
Hopefully it gets approved very soon / as indicated by @terzinator above.

How did you find the pro 3 when it was functioning as an end point - happy with it?

I haven’t done any critical listening but I like it so far. I had been using it for background music while I work from home and to drown out my daughter’s school Zoom meetings. It sounds just slightly warm to me. I am treble sensitive and at no point did I ever feel like I needed to turn it down or take off my headphones.
The only minor things I dislike are:
it gets pretty hot after a few hours
the cheap, plastic knob. the rest of it feels solidly built
can’t dim the display

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Good to know. I believe I can live with the minor dislikes you point out.
One thing drawing me to this unit is its MQA cabability and the next unit in the Element range for MQA is the M. That’s over twice the price where I live so the mini I pro 3 is my preferred solution.
Let’s hope roon and element get this approved very soon.

I was about to pull the trigger on one of these yesterday, only to find this post. It would be great if Matrix Audio removed the “Roon ready” advertising on their web page until it gets certified.


Soon :+1:

Thanks for the warning - you are great!

new firmware (C113B4) is out but still no Roon streaming

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I believe this is the new firmware MA sent to Roon for validation. If it passes certification it might be a simple klick on a keyboard for Roon to accept the Mini-i as Roon ready and all users with the latest firmware will be able to use it as such (no update needed). Correct me if I am wrong.

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Any news on the validation process?

I’ve not seen anything.
I was talking to a guy at Matrix some weeks ago via email.
Will contact him again and see if he can update.
Will post here if any news.