Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB converter in Roon system

I’ve used this unit both with Roon to connect to a receiver, both with the source a mini mac and ROCK on a NUC.

One question for the ROON team is why isnt it included in the pre configured Matrix components?

The other question is on how it handles DSD, even when converted to PCM. Everything works fine with pcm signals including hi res. However when i try to play DSD with “convert to PCM” selected, no sound is produced. When i play the same DSD tracks to any other ouput, even my ipad it works. So it’s definitely something about the signal not working through the X-SPDIF unit. Any ideas on why this is and if any potential remedies would be appreciated!

It’s not a Roon tested or Roon Ready device like other Matrix components it’s an audio converter and isn’t part of Roons partner programme which is for DACS and streaming devices inside amps speakers etc. So Roon has no idea as to what it’s capabilities are other than what gets fed back to it.

I would suggest viewing the signal path when trying to play the file and see how Roon is handling it. You need to configure the output to be compatible with your dac. Roon will convert from DSD128 to PCM 352.8 when set to convert to PCM. My dac won’t play that so I added the sample rate conversion of 352.8 to 176.4 which will play. And this is also using an X-SPDIF 2 in the chain.

Thanks a lot for the tip. I hadnt seen the option to limit the frequency in the advanced menu in Roon and that sorted it out!

Excellent. Glad that worked out.

Well that doesnt make sense to me. The Matrix DAC products are Roon tested and ready so i dont see why this Matrix product is excluded - the DAC product involve the same conversion plus a DAC to conver to analogue. If nothing else, i dont see why Roon can’t recognize the product as “identified”with “not tested” or similar message, instead of calling it an “unidentified device”

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