May I ask a favour of one of you in The Netherlands? CD sleeves to reduce storage

With the advent of Roon and it taking over my music listening almost entirely I sold my CDP before Christmas. We are getting the house renovated and need to put everything into storage and this includes a lot of CDs

I think in my new music room I won’t display the CDs and shall keep them in storage.

The best least expensive storage plan is to ditch the jewel cases and just keep CD and inserts etc… The option I want to buy is the following -

Alas they seem only to be available to post to The Netherlands and Belgium.

So I was wondering if one of you would be so kind as to order these and post them to me in Dublin. I will send you the requisite funds in advance obviously either through paypal or SEPA bank transfer whichever suits.

I’d really appreciate it if one of you cold oblige me with this.



Hi John –

Are you sure these are not sold anywhere on that beautiful island of yours? :slight_smile:

Anyway – if you really want to go Dutch, I’ll gladly order a bunch and ship them off to Dublin.

PM me and we’ll get this in motion!

They certainly defeat my powers of googling anyway.:persevere:
These ones were the best links I could find from Pink Fish and Hoffmann.

Unless anyone else here knows better?

Really appreciate your help with this,
many thanks,


I use these:

US based but looks like they will ship overseas. I also found them on SH forum.

With prices like that America will be great again pretty soon!

We’re more modest here in Europe.

Thanks for the suggestion none the less.


I added a little more subject detail, but maybe someone will move this too…patty the Dutch site has no English option.

Our esteemed member Rene is kindly sorting this for me.


How are they working out?

Just what I needed.

They are long enough to hold the CD spine label as I hope this image conveys.

They are just the job for archival storage, but if you wanted to store them for browsing the ones linked above would be better (if more expensive) as they allow you to see the name on the spine.