MBL 1611 Roon Module Upgrade

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My MBL 1611 DAC ( with MBL Roon Upgrade Ethernet Module installed ), when playing DSD64 music file on Synology NAS, with Roon Nucleus ( Roon Core ), via Netgear Switch, MBL DAC shown 88.2KHz on the display screen, is it normal ? When playing 24/192 music file, MBL DAC shown 96 KHz, is it normal ?

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The MBL 1611 doesn’t have DSD support, it looks like the max sample rate it can accept is 96kHz from what I’ve been able to find, so some downsampling is to be expected.

Could you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when you have the DSD64 and 192kHz media file playing to this zone?

Thank you for your prompt reply !

It says on Roonlab Instagram, MBL 1611 F should support 24/192 and DSD64. ( Please see attachment 1. )

Please see attachment 2 and 3 for the signal path screenshot.

Hello @Chun_Hung_Chou,

Our apologies for any confusion caused, the text is referring to the MBL N31 capabilities but the device photo is of the MBL 1611F.

The MBL 1611F supports a maximum of 24bit 96kHz PCM across all of its inputs. It then upsamples all audio to 5.6MHz for playback.


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