McAfee firewall caused Roon to stop intermittantly

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server Essentials 2016
3rd gen Ryzen 5, 16GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router Zyxel C3000Z
Gigabit Ethernet to PC

Connected Audio Devices

Topping USB DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

On my only PC that uses McAfee Antivirus Roon will stop intermittently as long as McAfee firewall is turned on. I can manually start Roon playing again but it will allways stop after a minute or two. I have opened all the required ports for Roon and RAAT in McAfee and made exceptions for them but I can not configure the firewall to allow Roon without stopping unless I simply turn McAfee firewall off. Not other PC or device I have that runs Roons does this.

Hi @Richard_Patton ,

While we can’t advise on specific configurations for your firewall, this previous thread regarding McAfee firewall may help:

I would look for any way to exclude Roon from the firewall and if it is still not working properly due to the firewall blocking Roon, I would reach out to McAfee support regarding advice for how to best configure the firewall to properly allow Roon traffic to pass.

Solution wasn’t applicable to my system. Solution was to uninstall McAfee and just let Windows Defender protect my system. Research indicated to me that it is just as good as most paid Antivirus and Firewall programs. Roon works fine now.

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