McIntosh AV Processors + Roon

Is a Roon + McIntosh partnership active? If so, how seamless is the integration with something like the MX160?

As a McIntosh owner, it would seem there could be great synergy if the software played nicely with Roon.

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Hi @Christopher_Wall1 and welcome to the community. I am using the Roon Nucleus with a McIntosh C49 preamp via the USB connection and I am very happy with the sound quality and stable platform it presents. My previous (starter) configuration was Roon Server on my Windows 10 PC via ethernet connection with a Bluesound Node 2i to a C45 and then the C49 after I sold the C45. This also sounded great. The C45 was all analog, the C49 has digital connections just like the MX160. I bought the Nucleus so I wouldn’t have to incude my PC in the system, however I still use the PC as an endpoint to the home theater system.

McIntosh does not list the MX160 as Roon tested. You can see what is listed on their website. I can’t promise but Roon should work with the MX160 if you have a PC or Mac running Roon server software and Roon controller software, then USB-A to USB-B on your MX160 as a source. If you have an old printer cable around this is totally free to find out with a trial offer and will be well worth your time to try out Roons features.

If you like Roon I recommend getting a Nucleus and just run it into your USB-B or HDMI connection with an Ipad or Galaxy as a controller. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HDMI could even send a controller screen to your TV. Hope this helps. Let me know what happens. John

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