McIntosh Music radio doesn't work with Roon 1.8 Build 795

Core Machine
Win 10 (21H1) PC; MSI B550 M Motar, Ryzen 5 4650G, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD

Network Details
Fritzbox 6591 cable, latest FritzOS 7.21, CAT6 Ethernet, Vodafone cable >900Mbit/s; no WIFI; Copy time for 2.8GB from you was 22-36s at different trials, QNAP TS-212 via 1Gbit/s ethernet conneted to the router.

Audio Devices
Bluesound Node 2i, latest Firmware 3.14.5, System Output also has the issues.

Library Size
20,000 tracks, most ALAC 16bit, 44.1kHz but also 118GB FLAC 24bit up to 192kHz

Description of Issue
Sometimes McIntosh Music radio MP3 320kbps plays for some time and stops with the following message:
“This station cannot be played. His address may have changed or he may be temporarily unavailable.”

Screenshot 2021-05-26 Failure McIntosh Radio320kbps

Screenshot 2021-05-26 McIntosh radio stream

I haven’t had this with LINN radio (320kbps) or other radio stations so far.
But I haven’t tried radio that much because of testing other issues :wink:

It also occurs when I use the system output (chain is then cable, Router, Ethernet cable, PC, PC Output)

If I use Bluesound with the McIntosh Music Radio station I DO NOT have the issues and it’s flawless.
So it’s similar to the TIDAL skips.

@noris: Please help or advise what to do. Thanks!
PS: Hardware Acceleration, Layer 2 Acceleration and Packet Acceleration IS NOT the solution and doesn’t work permanently as you know :wink:
Shall I attach a log file around that time?

Hi @noris, @dylan,
The interruptions usually happen after a short period of time (< 2 minutes) or after a zone change (transfer the radio from one room to another).
But not always! I only have that issue with McIntosh Music live radio. Never happened with LINN radio (same quality)! Thanks.

Hi @danny,
Do you have some news for me because of the Live Radio topic. :cry:
If I don’t try it too much in one zone it’s reproduceable. Start McIntosh Music radio station and it usually breaks down after a while (less than 2 minutes). You can try this several times and then it stops and you can listen to the music station. If you switch to another listening zone - it’ll happen the same. It doesn’t matter what endpoint (also system output). But it doesn’t happen to all radio stations (not LINN radio, not Antenne Bayern, …). Let me know if you want to have a log file.

Hi @Peter_Kuehnel

The next time this happens please let me know the specific time and we’ll enable diagnostics. Thanks!

Hi @dylan,
I don’t know if you got that info because of all the mails and posts I wrote - I have switched from a WIN10 Core machine with plenty of performance to the QNAP Roon Server version.

Roon is running know on a NAS QNAP TS-473A 8GB RAM (is shows about 15-17% less calculation performance than my PC (Roon calculation figures when using DSP). I put an SSD M.2 Crucial P5 with 3000MB/s in it and the McIntosh Music Radio issue has disappeared so far.

That was also the case at the last day with the “old” Roon core on the PC, but maybe that was a coincidence or you have done something.

Please give me a week and I will do daily checks - then you can close the issue - maybe it won’t help the others nor the WIN10 Roon core users but that’s the world.

I swear I haven’t changed anything at my network.

Yesterday I got Tidal skips (2-3 within half an hour) at the new QNAP NAS as well but I hadn’t switched the DNS from the QNAP (today 12+ hours without any issues (except the Roon Radio function which was limited to the library for some hours). TIDAL server outages have been good in Germany too.

I hope you guys will optimize something for the WIN 10 PC folks.

In the evening I got another error with the Live Radio which is the following message
“unexpected error: radio is limited to library” when I switched McIntosh Radio Station from one zone to another. For my understanding it makes no sense, everything worked fine besides that message.
Do you wanna put that on your list? Shall I write something?

You’ll hear from me in a week. Good luck. :wink:

A lot of tests have shown that this specific issue is gone.
No stopps after a while when you start McIntosh Music Radio in Roon or if you switch zones/outputs with McIntosh. :grinning:

The only incident is sometimes an immediate stopp after switching the zone.

The only change on my side was moving the core from a Win10 PC to the QNAP TS-473A NAS.
I’m not aware of other changes (Roon or McIntosh Radio Station) :cry:
I cross my fingers for the other Win10 user.
From my point of view I have less issues with the Roon QNAP Server solution and it works fine (still some Tidal skipping issues but I guess less than before).
Solution? Occurence - NO!

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