Mechanism to flag tracks on expanded albums as either original or bonus (Virtual albums?)

The “feature” I’m looking for is a light weight way to mark tracks in an expanded album as either original or bonus so that I can easily pick if I want to listen to the original album, the bonus tracks, or the entire album. The obvious, and perhaps naive, interface I have in mind is a simple addition to the play now where I have the options to Play the entire album, the original album, or the bonus tracks. At the moment, I “fake” this by either selecting just the tracks I want, which roon makes very easy – thank you very much, or I build a playlist with the subsets.

A slight abstraction would be to allow for the creation of virtual albums, which again in my naive imagining, is a bit more than a playlist as it would integrate with the album view rather than be off to the side, but I have no idea if anyone else would find this useful. I’ve experimented with breaking albums into multiple disks with the bonus material being on separate disks, and it works OK, but the down side is always fighting with the metadata services about incorrect disk layouts.

Probably creating a user tag ‘bonus track’ would do what you want.

Is there a way to filter in the album view? My listening habits tend toward browsing my albums and adding albums/tracks to the running queue. I may be the odd man out, but I don’t spend any time tagging tracks or building complex play lists. My use of the focus mechanism has been limited to cleanup work. Thanks!

yes - works even better in track view, i think, for your purpose. You have to create the tag by hitting ‘new tag’ before you can add tracks to it.

I don’t see a way to apply a filter or use a tag at the album view. This is not to confuse with the album list - when you drilled into a single album, there is no way to filter or view by tag on the tracks list under the album. So while you could find a good way to tag tracks as bonus, Roon won’t let you see that at the individual album view level at present.

Check out my post here – I am trying to do something similar, albeit not relating to bonus tracks per se.

If you view tracks you can focus on a specific artist/album and selected tags.
edit: You can’t focus on an album title, but in tracks list focused on artist, tracks are sorted by album. add the bonus track tag and that’s as close as I think you can get to what you want.

I do this by splitting the CD into two, using the “Fix Track Grouping” in the album editor. For the bonus tracks I create an extra album (CD 2), the original tracks stay in CD 1. It works like a box set.

Great idea!