Media Key Volume Control [answered]

Hello, I am using a Win 10 PC connected to Vanatoo Transparent One powered speakers via optical. What I think I’ve discovered is that I have to choose between convenient and accurate volume control or bit-perfect output. Is this really correct or am I missing something or is there a 3rd party program that anyone knows about to fix this? I’m in an office environment and need to alter the speaker volume frequently and quickly. My keyboard has a volume thumbwheel which makes this very easy and quick to do. If I’m not using exclusive mode on the output, I can nicely control volume from Roon. However, when I do, I lose all ability to control volume. I know that there is a keyboard shortcut for volume but it only goes in 5dB increments which is too coarse. I think I could map the wheel to keystrokes but I’d really need the 1dB increment for this to be useful. It would also wreck my other programs. Any advice or comments?

Would I be giving up a lot in terms of performance if I only used exclusive mode for 24-bit content and switched to non-exclusive for everything else? I like the program a lot and I’m trying to decide whether to pay but this is really a big issue for me. Thanks.


Any digital attenuation will result in a non-bit perfect digital signal being output. Though dithered digital attentuation can help to minimise the impact on audio quality.

If these speakers have internal volume control, they may expose this to Roon via USB.

Have you tried connecting them via USB rather than optical? If it is an asynchronous USB it most likely will sound better that optical or coax SPDIF.

Thank you, your suggestion worked very well. Using these speakers in USB mode, DSP and Exclusive set in Roon I was able to re-gain Windows Volume control including keyboard thumbwheel. I set volume in Roon at full 0dB.

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That’s great news, thanks for reply.