Medleys & Composition translations

Hi, i have 2 basic questions about compositions.

  1. is there any way for roon to manage medleys? i mean, a track that is a medley of 2 compositions. in my library, i find a composition for the medley, which is not so nice. at least, i would like a way to connect the medley composition to the different compositions.

  2. quite a different… but similar problem. it happens quite often with big standard that … there are also translated versions. they are, in a sense, different compositions, so it makes sense that they appear separated. but, at the same time, i would like a way to connect them to the original version. if i look, for example, at “autumn leaves”, i would like to find also “Les Feuilles mortes”.


so… no reaction at all to this post…

anyway, i add something.
wouldn’t it be possible to have multiple titles for a track? they could be separated at file-tag level by one of the library separators ( / or ; ).

that could take care of medleys.
even though i suspect that could be a problem depending on the database structure…
but… as a track can have multiple composers, performers, genres… why not multiple titles? clearly, that would result in multiple compositions…

I am going to reply to this to keep it active. Unless I am doing something wrong, a song that is part of a medley is not regarded by roon as the same song as when it appears alone. My example. roon says that Russ Freeman’s The Wind occurs 4 times in my library; it actually occurs 6 times, but 2 are part of a medley and roon doesn’t seem to pick this up. I think it ought to. (Incidentally, roon identifies the wrong Russ Freeman as the composer of this song; it connects to the smooth jazz guitarist and not to the west coast pianist who is the actual composer.)